4 Awesome DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas

by Vantoee
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T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for most people, but the style can get boring. I am going to show you a few DIY t-shirt-cutting ideas that will take your old shirts from plain to chic. Let’s begin!

Note: While I have not used exact measurements in this tutorial, I suggest you try the t-shirts on before marking off where to cut. You could also use a measuring tape and fabric chalk for more precise measurements.

Tools and materials:

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape (optional)
  • Fabric chalk (optional)
  • Ruler (optional)
Laid out t-shirt


The first design will be a simple triangle that will be cut from the front top of the t-shirt.

1. Prepare your shirt

Lay your shirt on a flat surface and place cardboard between the front and back fabric to prevent the cut from going through to the back of the shirt. 

Snipping t-shirt

2. Mark the triangle and snip a starting point

Your triangle should lie with the base on top and the point at the bottom. When you have marked your triangle, pinch the top edge, and snip the center.

Cutting t-shirt

3. Cut the triangle shape

Now all you want to do is cut that triangle shape out. I cut along one side of the base till I reached the end point. 

Cutting t-shirt

Then I went back to the center and cut along the base in the other direction. 


Checking line is equal

Make sure this line is equal on both sides.

Where to cut

Now you will cut the last two sides of your triangle each ending at the lower point.


Cutting t-shirt

Cut the first side.


Cutting t-shirt

Then cut the second side. 



Your t-shirt should look like this.


Completed triangle cut t-shirt

This is how it looks on. I really like how it shows a little bit of skin without being too revealing.

Completed triangle cut t-shirt

If you prefer, you can make your own DIY crop top by tying a knot at the center of the shirt. 

Cold shoulder

The next DIY t-shirt cutting idea is a very simple way of making a normal T-shirt a little cuter. We'll cut an oval shape on each shoulder to create a cold shoulder design.

Laid out t-shirt

1. Measure

Lay your shirt on a flat surface. Measure both sides of the shirt at the shoulder, marking 1 inch down from the collar and 1 inch up from the sleeve.

Marking t-shirt

2. Mark the end of the cut

Identify the point at which you want to end your cut and mark it.

Lining up front and back of t-shirt

3. Line the front and back of your t-shirt together 

The fabric will be cut on both sides at the same time, so ensure that they are lying together properly.

Snipping t-shirt

4. Snip

Using your measurements as a guide, make a snip on the mark by the collar and another snip on the mark by the sleeve. 

Cutting t-shirt

5. Cut an oval shape on each shoulder

Now you want to cut an oval shape out. 

Cutting t-shirt

It is easiest to cut the oval by starting on one snip and cutting in a rounded manner to the endpoint you marked. 


Cutting t-shirt

Then go back to the second snip and repeat.

Cutting t-shirt

Repeat on the second shoulder. 

Completed cold shoulder t-shirt

This is how the shirt looks tucked into jeans, it really makes the t-shirt more stylish and exciting.

Oval Tee

Note: Several cuts will be used to create the next design.

Widening the neckline

1. Widen the neckline

Starting from the collar, widen the neckline by cutting halfway along the shoulder seam.

Widening the neckline

 Repeat on the other side.


Cutting sleeves

2. Cut oval shapes on sleeves

Our sleeves will be cut into an oval shape by using the same technique used in our cold shoulder design above.


Cutting sleeves

Two marks should be made on the sleeve, one an inch from the top and the other an inch from the bottom. Also, mark the point where you would like the oval shape to end.

Cutting sleeves

From the first mark, cut until you reach the endpoint. The second mark should be made the same way. Remember to round your cuts to get the oval shape.


Cutting sleeves

Repeat the process on the second sleeve.


Oval-cut sleeves

Your sleeves should now look like this.


Cutting t-shirt

3. Cut an oval on the chest

Lay your shirt flat and mark off where you want the oval shape to start and end. Now cut a slightly rounded line from one side to the other.


Cutting t-shirt

Then go back to the starting point and cut another rounded line to the other side. It should create an oval shape lying horizontally across the chest area.

Completed oval t-shirt

This is what the shirt looks like when I put it on. These cuts have completely changed the look of the t-shirt.


Completed oval t-shirt

I also love how it looks as a crop top. This one is really fun!

Statement neckline tee

With the final design, rectangles are cut out around the collar, enhancing the neckline.

Cutting t-shirt at shoulder

1. Start at the shoulder

Starting on one shoulder, cut out a small rectangle between the collar and sleeve. You are only cutting the front fabric of the t-shirt, so put cardboard between the two sides.

Cutting t-shirt

2. Continue the cuts

Continue cutting rectangles, gradually increasing in size as it reaches the center. Then, start decreasing the size towards the second shoulder. 

Completed statement neckline tee

The main thing to keep in mind when cutting is to make both sides symmetrical. 

Completed statement neckline tee

Isn’t this the cutest? It looks like a flower framing my face.

DIY t-shirt-cutting ideas

Those are my DIY t-shirt-cutting ideas for today. I really hope you enjoyed these cut t-shirt designs, and you try them out.

Let me know in the comments what other projects you would like to see in the future!

Suggested materials:
  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape (optional)
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