DIY T-shirt Cutting Ideas: 4 Easy No-sew Projects

by Unorthodoll
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I’ve been seeing the choker shirt trend everywhere recently and I wanted to try it out myself.

Here are four simple step by step DIY t-shirt cutting ideas that are no-sew and don’t require any glue.

All the t-shirt modifications start off in the same way, as they’re all based on the first design.

Tools and materials:

  • High neck t-shirt/s
  • Fabric chalk or marker
  • Ruler
  • Sharp pointed scissors
  • Flat piece of cardboard
Marking shirt

1. Mark the shirt (all designs)

Put your t-shirt on inside out.

Find your collarbone and mark where it touches the t-shirt collar on each side.

Mark the center of the shirt at the lowest point you’d like the neckline to go.

DIYing original choker shirt

2. Original choker shirt

Lay the shirt out flat, still inside out.

Measure your marks to make sure they’re even on both sides and that the center point is in the right place.

From the center mark, draw a triangle a little larger than you need.

DIYing original choker shirt

Curve the ends of the triangle to hit your collarbone marks.

DIYing original choker shirt

Place the piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt to protect the back from your scissors

Cut carefully along the lines you drew and around the lower edge of the collar.

Original choker shirt

The finished shirt is on trend and so easy to do!

DIYing X choker shirt

3. X choker shirt

Measure to make sure your marks are even, as before.

Find the center point just below the collar and draw a guideline down the middle of your shirt.

DIYing X choker shirt

Starting about 1.5 inches above your collarbone mark on one side, draw a scoop neck down to the bottom of the guideline.

DIYing X choker shirt

Using a ruler to make sure both sides are even, draw the other side to match.

DIYing X choker shirt

Make a mark on both sides about two thirds of the way down.

Connect these with your collarbone marks on the opposite side to make an X.

DIYing X choker shirt

Measure 0.75 inches down from each arm of the X and connect the marks, drawing lines parallel with the original X.

DIYing X choker shirt

Cut out only the triangles, without cutting through any of the lines you drew.

X choker shirt

This stunning design looks a lot more complicated to make than it really is!

DIYing extended choker shirt

4. Extended choker shirt

Check your measurements first to make sure they’re even.

Make a mark on each shoulder, 2 inches away from the collar.

DIYing extended choker shirt

Connect these with your original center mark, to make a triangle.

Round the point of the triangle and slightly round the sides.

DIYing extended choker shirt

Draw a line parallel to the shoulder seam and about half an inch away on each side.

Starting at the collarbone mark, line your ruler up with the underarm of the shirt and draw a line between the triangle and the collar.

Do this on the other side as well.

DIYing extended choker shirt

Use the width of your ruler for the thickness of the strap and draw a line parallel with the first.

DIYing extended choker shirt

Carefully cut out the rectangle shapes between the two shoulder lines.

Extended choker shirt

Those two straps make all the difference!

DIYing woven choker shirt

5. Woven choker shirt

Measure to check that your marks are even.

Draw a triangle using your three marks, as you did for the first shirt.

Slightly round the edges of the triangle.

DIYing woven choker shirt

Make marks a quarter inch apart down the center of the triangle.

DIYing woven choker shirt

Use these marks to draw lines all the way down the triangle, parallel to the collar.

DIYing woven choker shirt

Starting just under the collar, cut out only the horizontal lines.

Cut a small hole at the tip of the triangle.

Pull gently on the strands of fabric to stretch them.

DIYing woven choker shirt

Pick up the top strand and pull it downward. Grab the second strand and pull it through.

Pull the second strand downward and pull the third strand through. 

Continue ladder weaving until you get to the last strand. Pull it tight and leave a loop at the bottom.

DIYing woven choker shirt

Repeat the weaving from the top. Use the loop from the first weave as the last strand of the second weave.

I decided to make a third weave on mine because I thought I had the extra fabric, but if you’re new to this you can stop after two weaves.

Grab the loop at the bottom and cut it in half. Thread one side of the loop through the hole at the point of the triangle and tie it to the other side, with the knot on the inside.

Woven choker shirt

Put the shirt on and gently pull at the design to adjust it.

DIY t-shirt cutting ideas no-sew

DIY t-shirt cutting ideas no-sew

The joy of t-shirt fabric is that it doesn’t fray at all, so you don’t have to worry about the raw edges. You can cut it into all kinds of designs and it’s very forgiving.

I got all my t-shirts from thrift stores, where they’re very easy to find.

I’d love to know - which is your favorite design?

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Suggested materials:
  • High neck t-shirt/s
  • Fabric chalk or marker
  • Ruler
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