How to Style Rhinestone T-Shirts

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Alyse of 2Dye4NYC

Meet Alyse of 2 Dye 4 NYC

I know that I’ve said it before but it’s totally worth repeating, one of the best things about having a blog and being on social media is the relationships and connections that are formed! Despite most of them being virtual when I have had the wonderful opportunity, (which I’ve actually had quit a few) to meet in person, every single women has been as genuine as I knew them to be on their social media platform. I like to say that I’m as much about fashion as I am about friends hence Fashion Trends and Friends. The two go hand in hand and friends double the fashion pleasure for me!

Another terrific benefit is finding beautiful hand made items and women owned small businesses that might not be available in my area. Alyse hit my radar through Beth of Beth’s Buckles. (To see my last Feature a Friend post about Beth, click HERE.) Beth’s buckles and Alyse’s t-shirts go together like peas and carrots! Alyse makes beautiful custom blingtastic t-shirts! She reached out to me and gifted me the tees. Quit frankly this t-shirt loving gal, would like to have them all in my wardrobe! Each time she creates a new one I want it! The bling just makes my heart sing! I know you’re going to enjoy getting to know Beth as much as I have…read on!

Tell us about yourself.

Growing up I always had a love for fashion and NYC. It was the sparkle in the lights that always caught my attention. Throughout my extended family there are many artists, which is where I get my craft from. I have always enjoyed mixing and matching fabrics, playing with colors and taking my every day pieces to the next level. My family is my world, I love being with them, my friends, and hosting huge homemade meals!”

Alyse if you cook as great as you make t-shirts, I’d love to come over for one of those homemade dinners any time…LOL!

How did you get started in the t-shirt making business?

In my mind, I started when I was a kid but after COVID shut us down, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to start my own business and do something that I always dreamed of doing!!

I don’t know how old Alyse is but love that she just recently started her business. Remember you’re never too old; and it’s never too late! Follow your heart and do what brings you joy!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is really just what catches my eye. It could be a summer sunset, sunflowers, or a beautiful scarf that I have seen. Most trends begin with the colors that designers put in their collection. I love to step outside of the box and give women their ah ha moment.

How long does it take you to make a t-shirt?
How cute is this smiley tee and matching smile belt buckle?!

Honestly, it really all depends on what is involved. I cant really put a time on it because I have so many different styles to choose from.” Right before I was leaving on my family vacation over the July 4th week I noticed several women in red, white and blue blingtastic tees.

I reached out to Alyse and requested the red, white and blue peace sign on a white v neck t-shirt. She quickly turned around and got it to me within a couple of days before we left! Now that’s service!

What customizing options do you offer?

The fun part about custom ordering, is just that! It is a very special way of making my customer feel as if they are part of the design process. You can choose your neck style, color t shirt, and sleeve length. Women really appreciate that flexibility!!!”

I believe that is hugely important and different cuts flatter different figures! The t-shirts are of good quality and wash up so easily! I put mine in the machine on delicate inside out and hang to dry. The tees have come out looking as good as the first time I wore them! Plus I haven’t had a single rhinestone fall off! Quality, comfort and customizing for the WIN!! Although she had me at BLINGTASTIC!

What fashion advice do you have for women of any age?

For me, fashion is about what makes you feel and look good…wear something that enhances your beauty!”

My biggest piece of advice is that it is never too late to follow your dream! Take the chance. When you do things that you love, everyone will feel and know your passion.

I couldn’t agree more with Alyse! Both of these resonate with me! You know how I feel about wearing what you love no matter your age or size! Fashion Trends and Friend’s motto is: You can be cute and trendy no matter your age or size if that’s important to you! Don’t let age dictate what’ll you’ll wear or what you’ll do!

Look 1

In my opinion, t-shirts are easy to dress up or down, can be worn year round and can add a fun, sassy edge to any outfit! Since 2 Dye 4 NYC tees are already rhinestone heaven, they’re super easy to dress up! Plus they can we worn and styled with anything. Truly the options are limitless! I also want to mention that the t-shirts are much more sparkly in person than they appear in the pictures. They are even better in person!

I paired this v neck Chanel Inspired Perfume Bottle with my faux leather shorts. It made sense to wear my Chanel upcycle belt buckle and rhinestone flower embellished sunglasses, which I created myself! On this particular day we were heading out to a summer festival that my SIL’s band was playing at. As you can see, there was also a car show, which made for some fun picture backdrops!


Chanel Inspired Perfume Bottle V Neck T-Shirt

Upcycled Chanel Belt Buckle

Faux Leather Shorts

Look 2

Not all skulls are dark or only for Halloween! This brightly colored rainbow Chanel inspired skull is a perfect match for my faux pink leather shorts. Are you detecting a theme? Not all rhinestone tees need to be paired with faux leather shorts. I happen to love mine and therefore, wear them often! Remember – wear what you love! I couldn’t resist the multi colored jeweled sandals! I wore this to go out on an afternoon. I was flooded with compliments when I went to get my manicure and pedicure!


Chanel Inspired Rainbow Skull

Faux Pink Leather Shorts

Betsey Johnson Sandals

Look 3

As I mentioned earlier, these blingtastic tees can be literally worn with anything! I swapped out the shorts for my denim skirt and added my upcycled Chanel Belt Buckle! The tees can be worn with any skirt, jeans, shorts or dress pants. In the fall and winter they can be worn under a denim jacket, moto jacket or a cardigan. You know I’ll be pairing the tees with my faux leather skirts from last fall/winter. I’m still wearing the exact same accessories and sandals. In the fall and winter, the sandals can easily be replaced by boots!


V Neck Chanel Inspired Skull T-Shirt

Chanel Upcycled Belt Buckle

Denim Skirt

Betsey Johnson Sandals

Look 4

How cute is the packaging and the tag that Alyse includes. What you don’t see pictures is that she also include a smiley pin! I love details (no surprise) and am always pleased when the packaging is cute and includes a hand written note! My red, white and blue peace sign v neck t-shirt was a perfect match with my denim star shorts and red, white and blue slides. I wore this look the week of my birthday while on vacation with family! Similar to the other tees it can be worn with any pair of denim shorts, shorts, jeans, skirts or dress pants. The options are truly endless!


Red, White and Blue Peach Sign V Neck T-Shirt

Star Denim Short

Red, White and Blue Slides

Red, White and Blue Slides (option 2)

Let’s Chat

There are so many FUN ways to style Alyse’s BLINGTASTIC tees from casual to fancy and everything in between! Plus they can be worn year round! That’s a win!! Did you have a favorite rhinestone tee? I have my eye on a few more! (I’m sure you’re not surprised!) Leave me a comment! I love to hear from you! A friendly reminder to always have fun and wear all the things that you love, that bring you joy and happiness and you’ll always look terrific!

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