How to Sew an Original T-shirt Using Scrap Fabric

If you have a basic pattern for a T-shirt, you can use it to create a lot of interesting pieces.

You can of course find such basic T-shirt patterns in my online store:In today’s article, I will show you how to recycle scrap fabric and sew an original T-shirt. I used leftovers of premium functional knit, which I have from This material is great for warm clothes.

Suggestion: Before you start sewing a T-shirt from scrap fabric, I recommend reading this article: How to sew a T-shirt

Get material & tools

  • Fabrics (suitable scraps and leftovers)
  • Basic T-shirt pattern
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors, and sewing machine

Prepare the pattern

Divide your basic pattern into several sections using a ruler. I recommend (especially for beginners) to draw only straight lines and not overdo it – the fewer new segments you create, the easier it will be to sew the T-shirt. Keep it simple. You can divide the sleeve pieces in the same way.Add seam allowances to each edge of all segments and cut the segments out. All seam allowances can be 1 cm wide, except that which will form the bottom hem of the T-shirt – make that one 3 cm wide.


Now you can then start sewing the segments. I recommend starting with the simplest ones, which in my case are sleeves…

Iron all seams thoroughly.Then sew the segments of the torso. Always make sure that you are connecting the rights sides of the right segments. I started by joining these two small triangles.

Continue joining the segments and always iron each new seam.After connecting all the segments into the four basic pieces of the T-shirt (2x sleeve piece + back & front piece), continue as usual.Sew the sleeve seams…

…side seams…

…and shoulder seams.

Then sew the sleeves to the torso.

Finish the neckline (with a knit strip, for example) and other hems – you can simply fold edges of the sleeves & bottom hem to the inside of the T-shirt and topstitch them.

You watch one of the possible ways to sew a T-shirt here:

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What is your favorite way of processing fabric leftovers? You can share your ideas on my Facebook page or in the comments below.Have a nice day, Petra

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