Learn the Tricks to Sewing a Stylish Leg of Mutton Sleeve

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The leg of mutton sleeve is a really gorgeous, full look around the shoulder and then as it reaches the wrist it becomes more narrow and fitted. I love adding this feature sleeve to my shirts and dresses because it just adds an extra element to the whole look! Follow me as I show you how I sew it myself.

Tools and materials:

Measuring tape






Pattern paper


Sewing machine

DIY leg of mutton sleeve

Draft a pattern

To draft the pattern for your leg of mutton sleeve you will need to start off with a basic sleeve pattern. If you want to learn how to draft a basic sleeve watch this. From the cap line, mark a point 6.5 inches down on each side. Then use a ruler to connect the two points you just drew. 

Draw diagonal lines

Next, use your ruler to draw diagonal lines from the center of the cap line to the 6.5-inch markings. 

Slash and spread

Then take your scissors and slash the lines because we will be using the slash and spread method for this pattern. Make sure not to cut all the way through. 

Tape down

After cutting, take a new piece of pattern paper and draw a line down the center. Take the original pattern piece and line up the center lines. Then spread the pieces you had cut and use tape to help hold the pattern piece in place. 

Measure from the center

Take your measuring tape and measure about 8.5 inches from the centerline to the cut piece of the pattern. Play around with the measurement depending on whether you want a fuller or smaller sleeve. Once you know your desired measurement, mark it and tape down that piece for the new sleeve. 

Leg of mutton sleeve pattern

Connect the two markings to the centerline of your new pattern.

Draw a curve

From the centerline mark 4 inches upwards. Then draw a curved line to connect the top of each sleeve to your newest marking. 

Trace the pattern

Once that is done, you can go ahead and trace the rest of the sleeve. 

How to make a leg of mutton sleeve

Remove the basic sleeve pattern from your paper and then draw a ½ inch seam allowance around your new leg of mutton sleeve pattern. Make sure to also mark the front and back sides of the pattern.

Cut out the pattern

Finally, go ahead and cut out your leg of mutton sleeve pattern piece. 

Pin to the fabric

Cut out the fabric 

Fold over your fabric and pin down the new pattern piece. You can then cut out your fabric and I suggest making a small notch to indicate which side is the front of your sleeve. 

Sew the side seams

Attach the sleeve 

Pin and sew the side seam of your new sleeve. You can then go ahead and gather the top part of the sleeve that attaches to the armhole of your shirt or dress to get that fullness around the shoulder, Don’t forget to hem the sleeve to get a neat finish. 

Match up the seams

To attach your new sleeve to the shirt or dress, match up the seam of the sleeve with the armhole seam and pin the sleeve in place. Pull the thread you left out for gathering to adjust the sleeve to fit perfectly in the armhole. Pin all the way around and then sew the sleeve onto your shirt or dress. 

Easy leg of mutton sleeve

I didn’t have a finished picture of my polka dot blouse but this is how a perfect leg of mutton sleeve looks. What do you think about this sleeve style? Let me know in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Marker
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