Sewing a Crop Top: 2 DIY White Crop Tops to Make at Home

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We have another DIY for you! This time, it involves sewing a crop top in two fashionable ways. These lovely DIY white crop tops can be paired with many colors, like brown, red, black, etc. We hope this DIY crop top tutorial will help you in some way, and we can’t wait to show you the results. Let’s begin!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Elastic thread
  • Fitted tube top
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • Iron

Pleated tube top

Measuring the length of the top

1. Measure

To begin, measure the chest area to your belly button to determine the length of your top. 

Pattern for the top front

You’ll need a curved top line and a straight bottom line for the front piece. These are our measurements; feel free to adjust them as needed. 

Measuring the pattern

2. Make the pattern

Now, transfer the measurements onto the folded fabric. You’ll need two front pieces. Fold the fabric to make such the cure is symmetrical.

Measuring the back pieces

Now, measure and cut 4 back pieces 11” wide and 15” long. 

Pinning the back pieces together

3. Sew the DIY white crop top

Pin the four back pieces together. 

Folding the fabric and cutting a curved line

Fold the fabric in half lengthways and cut a curved line from the center to the end of the fabric, as shown above. 

Unfolding the back pieces

This is the shape you should have when you unfold the pieces. 

Pinning the back pieces to the front

Hot to make a crop top

Pin the back pieces to the front pieces, connecting them at the short ends, as shown. Sew the seams.

Sewing the front and back pieces together

Now you should have two pieces. 

Cutting strips

4. Cut the strips

Cut out two strips measuring 1” x 15” each. 

Sewing along the strips

Fold the fabric in half (right sides facing) and pin along the edge. Sew to secure. 

Trimming the excess fabric

Cut off the excess. 

Turning the straps right sides out

Use the safety pin method to turn the fabric right sides out. 

Sandwiching the straps between the crop top layers

5. Assemble the crop top

Sandwich the straps between the layers, right sides facing. Do this on both sides and pin around the whole piece. 

Sewing around the edges

Sew around the whole piece, but leave a tiny gap to turn the top right sides out. 

Turning the crop top right sides out

Once everything is sewn, turn the DIY crop top right sides out. 

Ironing out the wrinkles in the fabric

Iron out the wrinkles on the fabric. 

Making pleats in the fabric

6. Make the pleats

Measure 3” in the middle and pin. Then, measure and fold every 1½“ increments on each side. 

Pinning the pleats

Sew or handstitch two lines 5mm (0.19”) apart in the center of the top. 

Sewing the pleat piece to a crop top

We wanted the top to be stiff on top, so we pinned it to an existing tube top. Then, we cut around the excess, visible fabric. 

Sewing the pleats in place

To sew the pleats in place, sew each fold as pictured. 

DIY crop top

We’re done! 

DIY pleated tube top

Back of the DIY pleated tube top

So, what do you think of this cute and elegant DIY white crop top with pleats? 

Ruffled DIY crop top

Pattern for the ruffled DIY crop top

1. Make the pattern

Use your bust size and desired length to make the main bodice measurement.

Cutting two pieces from the fabric

Cut out two pieces. 

Sewing the sides

2. Assemble the crop top

Place the pieces right sides facing and sew the sides with a ½“ seam allowance. 

Hemming the crop top

Sew a double hem on the top and bottom edges. 

Sewing darts in the crop top

3. Sew darts

To make the crop top fit perfectly, sew darts on either side of the top edge. Our darts measure 3” from each side.

Sewing straps for the crop top

4. Sew the straps

For this top, the thinner the straps, the better! So, cut two strips measuring 13½“ x 2cm (0.78”). Fold the raw edges into the center, and fold the whole strip in half lengthways.

Pinning and sewing the straps

Pin the fabric to keep it in place and sew. 

Sewing the straps to the top

Sew the straps on the inside of the top, 2cm (0.78”) away from the edge. 

Measuring the center of the top

5. Make the center ruffle

Mark the middle of the top from side to side. 

Sewing elastic thread along the middle

Sew along this line (through one layer) with elastic thread. Unfortunately, our sewing machine was acting up, so we did this by hand. 

DIY crop top with an elastic waist

DIY white crop top

Here’s the result! Quite a stylish DIY white crop top, don’t you think? It was super easy to make, too. 

Sewing a crop top

We’ve come to the end of our tutorial on how to sew a crop top with two stylish variations! As you can see, sewing a crop top is super easy and a fun process, too. Thanks for joining us, and happy sewing!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
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