What to Wear to Work to Achieve That 9-5 Chic

by Cozychique

I’m going to be honest, I wear a big old hoodie and loungewear bottoms to work because I’ve been working from home a lot recently, but a girl can dream. I will however begin to start working at my office more in the coming months. Here I’m going to share with you the outfits that I will wear in the office so that you can achieve that 9-5 chic.

Power outfits for work


I'm calling this look pajama chic; it's the start of the week and I basically want to wear my pjs out. I want to be as cozy and comfy as possible. Here I'm wearing a bold red cheetah print blouse and paired it with burgundy houndstooth print trousers.

The key to mixing prints is to ensure there is one common color running through the top and the bottom, which in this outfit is red. 

Wearing a classic beige trench coat

To finish off the look I'm wearing a beige trench coat.

9-5 chic outfits


I'm a huge sucker for pleated skirts because they make everything look effortlessly chic. I paired the skirt with a plain white Oxford shirt and cinched it in at the waist. To make this look a bit more formal you can always throw on a blazer. To make my legs not look like stumps, I'm wearing small heeled flats.

Casual work outfits with flats


My pink hair is a bit out there for the office at the moment so to tone down the whole look I'm wearing all black. I love this black top, the line face pattern is so trendy but also cool and chic at the same time. The armpit area is a bit deep so I'm wearing a singlet underneath to cover it up.

I'm wearing a white and black polka dot headband to add a splash of detail, it's also a good trick when you're having a bad hair day. I finished the look with the same belt as before and some pleated trousers which are so comfortable, they have a silky feel against my skin.

How to style a business wardrobe


Thursday's outfit is called resort chic. It's super relaxed and comfy which is what we all need when transitioning back into structured workwear. I'm wearing a cream silky tank top with cream pants that have palm leaves embossed on them. These pants are something you can easily dress down to something more casual with a t-shirt. 

Adding color and pizzazz to a corporate wardrobe

To add a bit of pizzazz to this otherwise pretty bland work outfit, I've added my new favorite accessory, the neck scarf. I was inspired to wear it by Emily in Paris where she wore a cute neck scarf and this print kind of reminds me of Gucci and adds a bit of sophistication to the outfit.

To continue the resort theme, I'm wearing some brown pointy shoes and now I'm ready to tackle the day in comfort and style.

Alternative business casual


We're finally at the end of the week, yay! Friday for me in my office is casual Friday so that means we can wear jeans with no rips and white clean sneakers. I really love wearing jeans because they’re so versatile and quite comfortable. Jeans also fit with any sort of weather.

I paired the jeans with a super comfortable white linen wrap top; the detailing around the neck and the collar makes it one of my favorite tops because it just adds a bit of intricacy to an otherwise plain white linen top. I've paired the outfit with some white Converse and that's basically my typical Friday outfit.

What to wear to work for 9-5 chic 

There we have five straightforward and stylish outfits that you can wear to the office. I love getting dressed up in my formal office wear and enjoy putting all the different elements together. When I look good, I walk taller and feel ready for whatever the day might throw at me.

Let me know your favorite outfit in the comments below.

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