Are My Pants Too Tight? Here’s Some Style Solutions

It can’t just be me to put on your clothes and find that the pants seem too tight. It’s not like you always want to just throw them out. Maybe your weight is fluctuating a tidge. Or maybe the pants shrunk a little in the wash. Either way, it might be great to figure out some way to style around the issue.

So when I took these pink pants off the hanger and discovered they felt a tad tighter than what I’m usually comfortable wearing, I figured, I’d share 4 ideas with you.

Three of the ideas are below, and check out my site for the 4th idea.

Wear a Long Topper

My first thought when I put on these pants was to add a topper that would cover my tush. So I figured this lightweight kimono would work just as perfectly.

There are kimonos of every length available, so find one that works to cover your tush.

If you haven’t tried the kimono trend, I’ve showcased many different ways to wear them just this summer. To me, they are a perfect lightweight topper for women of any age.

Insider tip: Your silky, summer bathrobes could possibly be considered a kimono. Just remove the sash and see how it looks.

Add a Tunic

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to style a tunic over the pants. Since the pants seem too tight, then think of them as leggings instead of jeans.

I know most of the time we think of leggings and tunics as winter wear, yet there are many versions that would work for the warmer weather too. Like this tunic, I found it at a second-hand store.

Take the Focus off the Pants that are Too Tight

One of my favorite tricks with anything is putting the focus somewhere else. So for this look, I pulled out a bright jacket and sequin tank top.

Hopefully, I was successful in drawing your attention up to the upper half of my body. You could also do this trick with a huge, statement necklace like Iris Apfel tends to do. I mean almost every photo you see of Iris, the focus is on her glasses and accessories. You almost don’t notice her clothing. So see, the trick works!

Don't forget to visit my site to see the 4th trick.

Last but not least, sometimes I imagine that our issues are more in our heads than anything. Just like when we styled our outfits for the theme of unexpected. It may be something we aren’t used to wearing, yet no one else realizes that. And I have a feeling, even though I thought these pants felt too tight, no one else concentrated on that fact. Well, at least the fashion police didn’t stop and arrest me, LOL!

It reminds me of when we were walking around NYC just two weeks ago. JoAnne and I noticed many women in tighter clothing than what we usually wear. But what if that woman had just lost 50 pounds and was very proud of her new body? Or maybe she had just finished her cancer treatments and was celebrating being alive?

As a self-proclaimed, “fix-it girl”, I do usually try to figure out how pieces can work before giving up on them.

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Jodie Filogomo
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