6 Emily Ratajkowski-Inspired Outfit Ideas: How to Steal Her Style

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

Today, we’re going to be looking at the model-off-duty style, and for me, the best example of this is Emily Ratajkowski. We’ll get some inspiration from Emily’s street style, and I’m going to recreate some of her looks. Let's get started styling some Emily Ratajkowski-inspired outfits!

Emily Ratajkowski style guide

Emily Ratajkowski's style

I know that with all of Emily’s looks, you could ask yourself, is it the outfit that looks good, or does she just look good in it because she’s so skinny and beautiful? 

Honestly, any outfit looks good on her. I reckon that she could wear a trash bag and still make it look stylish. But in all seriousness, I think that she has great style and wears awesome outfits. 

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a blazer and jeans

1. Blazer and jeans

This outfit was quite easy to recreate as I am a big fan of the blazer and jeans combo. It is a very straightforward way of looking put together without having to think too much about your outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski-inspired outfit

Here is the look that I created. Just make sure when wearing an outfit like this that the blazer has some structure to it. Without that structure, you’ll lose the sophisticated edge of the outfit, and it will look a lot more casual.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a suit and sneakers

2. Suit and sneakers

The next outfit is my favorite as I really like suits against a bare-skinned body. The suit is oversized and has masculine connotations, but the open v-neckline shows some skin and makes this outfit more feminine.

The sneakers also tone down the formality of the suit and give it that street-style feel.  

Model-off-duty style

Here I’m showing you how you can rock this outfit if you don’t want to wear the suit against your bare skin. I’ve added a black crop top under the blazer to add a bit more coverage. The fact that the top is black keeps it in line with the monochrome look.

Emily Ratajkowski in a belted blazer

3. Belted blazer

In the next "steal her style" look, Emily is wearing a pair of straight-cut jeans with an oversized blazer over the top that is belted at the waist with a funky printed belt.

How to dress like a model off duty

I like wearing big men’s blazers with a belt, and in fact, I do it a lot. I’ve gone for a snakeskin print belt which adds a pop of personality to the look and works well with the gray blazer. We also have a turtleneck here for an extra layer, so this outfit would be great for winter.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing tall boots

4. Tall boots

I love the simplicity of this outfit. It's an all-black monochrome look with some snakeskin boots that really pack a punch.

How to dress like Emily Ratajkowski

Here I have recreated the look for myself. Like Emily, I’m also wearing a big black jacket, but I didn’t have any printed boots, so I went with some cream ones. My cream boots still create that high contrast though against the rest of the outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski in a black top and blue jeans

5. Easy denim

This next outfit is simple dressing at its best - black top, blue jeans, black boots - what more is there to say?

Emily Ratajkowski-inspired outfit idea

This is a timeless combination that any girl can recreate. A classic outfit like this can never go out of trend. You can also easily accessorize a look like this, as you can see Emily accessorized her look with some statement earrings.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a trench coat

6. Trench coat

The last of Emily’s outfits that I’ll be looking at is one that will be good for spring. A trench coat adds another layer but is thin enough that you won't overheat.

Emily Ratajkowski: steal her style

I decided to go with different shades of light green instead of beige.

Emily Ratajkowski: steal her style

There we have some of Emily Ratajkowski’s model-off-duty looks and my recreations of them. One of the great things about Emily’s style is that she wears a lot of basic pieces in neutral colors that many people will already have in their wardrobes.

Which was your favorite look?

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