4 Ways to Wear Wet Look Leggings, From Casual to Dressy

Lizzy Capps
by Lizzy Capps

Welcome one and all! In this style guide, I will give you some advice on how to style wet-look leggings. I have here a pair of leather pants that fit me perfectly. They have seams down the middle of the legs and the sides, are elasticated at the waistband, are high-waisted, and have a cute little silver zip detail at the side. Let’s style the first outfit!

Casual wet look leggings outfit

1. Casual

I'm starting off casual. I've paired the wet-look leggings with my Doc Martens, a nice oversized logo t-shirt which I've tied into a knot at the front, and a cute little shoulder bag. This is a really bomb biker girl outfit. 

How to wear wet look leggings

If you want to style it up even more, you could always add an oversized light wash denim jacket. 

All-black wet look leggings outfit

2. All-black outfit

This is probably the most versatile outfit you could possibly wear with leather leggings, just a plain black top, and plain boots. I've gone for these pointed-toe heeled boots.

How to style wet look leggings

If you want to keep it casual, pop on a fluffy coat, and you are good to go. 

Monochrome wet look leggings outfit

Or, if you fancy glamming it up, you could wear it with a long pea coat or duster jacket. Keep it monochrome, and go with a staple black bag.

Wet look leggings outfit with a pop of color

You could also add in a pop of color like I’ve done here with a yellow bag. 

Wet look leggings with a blazer

Just by changing up the jacket to a more formal blazer, you’ve got a completely different outfit; you've just gone from cool and simple to really classy vibes.

Comfy wet look leggings outfit

3. Cute and cozy

This next outfit to me is so cozy and cutesy. I paired the leggings with some loafers, a matching bag, the most oversized sweater ever, and a cute little hat. This is a great outfit to wear on a lunch date.

Edgy outfit with wet look leggings

To style the outfit differently, I've swapped out the loafers for my boots and swapped out the bag for my black shoulder bag. I also added a cute little baker boy hat which gives off a high-end look. I feel I would definitely wear this outfit when out shopping in London. If the weather is colder, you could just add a scarf and a big fluffy black fur coat, and you're good to go. You've got that pop of color, you've got that bit of edge to you with the hat, you've got the height, and you've got the classy leggings. I think this is just a banging day-to-day outfit.

Cozy wet look leggings outfit

I just went to untuck the sweater to take it off, and I think that it also looks great untucked. 

Dressed up wet look leggings outfit

4. Dressed up

Now I want to show you some more dressed-up looks. Here I've popped on a white blouse, tucked one side in, and left the other untucked. I’ve also rolled up the sleeves and left a few buttons at the top undone to reveal the little white bralette I’m wearing underneath. I have a white bag to match, and I've popped on some leopard print statement boots because I think it's always nice to have a bit of pizazz with a black and white outfit.

Black, white, and red wet look leggings outfit

Here I swapped out the boots for a red statement heel pointed toe, and I also have a red clutch. I think matching your shoes and your bag makes your outfit look more put together. This is probably the classiest poshest outfit I would wear with leather leggings, and I think you can't go wrong with a silk top and leather leggings. I love the contrast of textures and materials and these two pieces work really well together. 

Ways to wear wet look leggings

For the last look, I’ve paired the leggings with all nude accessories pieces; I've got nude heels on, I've got a nude clutch, and then obviously, they match this champagne color top. This is so classy and gives off dinner date vibes.

Ways to wear wet look leggings

I think that wet-look leggings should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe because you can literally do so much with them. Whatever your personal aesthetic, there is a way to style these versatile leather leggings to make them work for you!

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