Do This With Any Maxi Dress (wow)

Maxi dresses are great for so many reasons but have you ever wished you could cut your dress to be short? If you do that then the change is permanent and now you can never wear the dress long again. This hack solves that problem! If you do this then you can make any maxi dress a short dress then back long again.

All you need for this tutorial is a maxi dress and a piece of elastic that can fit around your waist

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Step one: Put on your maxi dress like normal

Step two: Put the elastic band over your dress

Step three: Star sliding  some of the middle of the dress through the elastic creating a second layer

Step four: Make sure it’s even all around

WOW! How cute is this! Your maxi is now a layered dress and you can accessorize with a belt.

Here’s a view of the back!

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