Grab Some Lace and a Couple Hair Ties for This No-sew Dress!


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This post is dedicated to a beautiful dress you can make at home.

Materials you will need:

  • 1 larger rectangle shaped piece of lace
  • 1 thinner and longer piece of lace 
  • 1 hair band
  • 2 medium size rings

First, put the smaller piece of lace around your neck and the larger piece around your body

Now put both ends of the thin lace into one of the rings. Pull the ends with one on each side of your neck, wrap it back around your knock and make a knot.

Put a corner of the lace through the ring and safety pin it in the back

Grab the ends of the larger piece of lace and wrap them around your back

Gather the extra fabric and wrap it around the ring then wrap the hair tie around the fabric

TA-DA! That’s it.

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