How to Look Expensive on a Budget: Chic Outfit Idea

Heather Anderson
by Heather Anderson
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If you want to know how to look expensive on a budget, here are a few pieces you can put together to get a classy and chic look.

How to look expensive on a budget

The best tip I could give you is to go monochrome! A monochrome outfit is the easiest way to look expensive, especially with an all-white ensemble.

How to look expensive on a budget

The pieces that really pull this look together are the gorgeous ivory sweater coat and matching midi dress.

Both pieces are affordable but incredibly high-quality. The solid, neutral shades and wrinkle-free material are essential to making this outfit look and feel more expensive than it actually is.

You can dress up this look with accessories according to your actual style, but I paired it with metallic gold tall, heeled boots, a designer bag, and more expensive gold jewelry.

How to look expensive on a budget

I highly recommend investing in more expensive accessory pieces that are timeless and can be paired with any outfit. These expensive staple pieces are vital to make any outfit look expensive on a budget.

How to look expensive on a budget

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