A Compilation of Gorgeous Little Black Dresses You’ll Want to Own

Chloe DeBre
by Chloe DeBre

Well, hello, girlfriends. This style guide is all about the little black dress. I have on my most fabulous little black dress. What do you think?

Every single woman over the age of 25 better have a little black dress. If you don’t have one, I’m coming to your house right now, and we’re going to go somewhere to get you an LBD! But seriously, if you don’t have one, I implore you: once you’ve finished reading, go to your nearest Target and beg the saleslady to show you where their little black dresses are because you need one! Every woman needs one. You don’t need one as fancy as this, but you need one so that you can be appropriate for all occasions - an LBD goes so far. You could wear one for an interview. You could wear one to (unfortunately) a funeral. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can go out on dates, you can hang out with your girlfriends. You can wear an LBD in countless places. I’m trying to get across to you in this style guide just how versatile they are.

Sexy little black dress

I’m not going to be focusing on the accessories or the shoes. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing the same shoes for each outfit - just basic black pumps that we also need in our wardrobe. 

Perfect little black dress

Dress 1 

This is a very plain, very conservative, no-frills, no thrills - this is a black dress through and through. This is one that you can wear on a job interview, you can also wear it to Church, you can wear it to a funeral. You can wear this basic black dress anywhere you choose, and you will be decent and in order. This really is an all-rounder.

Little black dress style

Dress 2

This next dress is just a step above your basic black dress, but it’s still plain nonetheless. I would say that this dress is perfect for a dinner date, a banquet, somewhere that is semi-formal. Again, just like the basic black dress, it doesn’t have too many frills or too many thrills, but it does have this cape which makes it a little bit more interesting.

Little black cocktail dress

Dress 3

This dress you saw me wearing before. This is for when you are more comfortable with your little black dress game. I wouldn’t have worn a dress like this maybe ten years ago, but thankfully I am so comfortable in my skin now that I will wear a sequined, fitted, skinny, sweetheart neckline in a minute. This one is a little bit more formal, you can wear it to a gala, out on a date, downtown, to a theater. I love the shine and the sparkle - I love the richness of this dress.

Short little black dress

Dress 4

With this dress on, you’ll be sure to make an entrance. This is a go get em’ girl dress. It is a skinny, fitted, tight, amazing, curve-hugging, illusion-making dress. It is everything to me. I would wear this on a date night with my husband. This is the perfect dress for if you want to be glamorous yet sexy at the same time. The gold details on the front of this dress, as you can see, give your body an hourglass figure shape, even if you don’t have one. It just creates that hourglass womanly figure that we all love to have.

Women’s little black dress

Dress 5

This dress will definitely get you the male attention you’re looking for. This is a fun dress you can wear with your girlfriends, somewhere where you won’t get a lot of attention if you’re a married woman like myself. It’s very revealing, but it’s also very stylish and trendy. Fringe is in for 2021 so take advantage of it now, lady. 

Basic little black dress

Dress 6

This next dress I had to put in the line-up. It is my favorite black dress, and the reason why it’s my favorite black dress is because I made it myself! Do you see the quality of this dress? It looks as though I bought it off the rack at a high-end store. I thank God for the gift of sewing. You can wear this dress to Church, you can wear it to a fancy dinner. It’s perfect.

So there you have it. Those are a few of the little black dresses that I have in my closet. You can wear little black dresses to so many different places - I have just named off lots of occasions and events where you can don your LBD. If you’re only going to get one black dress, start with a plain, basic and functional one, the more fancy ones can come in due time. In this lookbook, I’ve also shown you that you don’t have to wear accessories with a little black dress because it makes a statement on its own.

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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Mar 11, 2021

    These are great- very different than the usual LBD :)

  • Dianna Glenn Dianna Glenn on Mar 14, 2021

    Lovely! I like the one you made, the most! Good job. The other one I liked was the one with the cape. Then the first dress that would work for a job interview.