10 Cute, Casual & Chic Red Bodycon Dress Outfits

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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I have a super cute red bodycon dress, and in this lookbook, I’m going to be showing you 10 red bodycon dress outfits.

The great thing about bodycon dresses is that they are form-fitting and are a nice way to show off your feminine figure. I have a bunch of dresses like these in my wardrobe, and I hope that you’ll pick up some inspiration on how you can style them.

What to wear with a red dress

1. Red and white

First up, I’ve gone for a red a white combo, pairing the dress with a long white coat, white heels, and a belt and bag to accessorize.

Red is a very festive color, and I think this outfit would look great for the holiday season. I love the simplicity of styling an outfit with just two colors, and this overall look creates a powerful impact.

Red bodycon dress outfit with an oversized blazer

2. Oversized blazer

Here I’ve gone for an oversized blazer draped over my shoulders. The blazer is in a checkered design with some very subtle burgundy lines that tie in nicely with the dress.

When pairing a dress in a solid color with some patterned outerwear, if you ensure that your outerwear piece includes the color of your dress, your outfit will look smooth and harmonious.

Wearing a red dress as a skirt

3. Sweater

Next up, I paired the red dress with a sweater, so the dress effectively acts like a skirt. One of the many benefits of dresses is that you can wear something over them like this, and you essentially have two items of clothing (a dress and a skirt) in one.

Here, I like the classic black and white pairing, broken up in the middle with a splash of red.

What color shoes to wear with red dress?

4. Camel

Did you know that camel is another tone that looks great with red? Because camel is a neutral color, you can pair it with any brighter shade, and the two will look complementary together.

I also popped on a pair of camel heels, which, because they’re in a similar color to my skin tone, create the illusion of longer legs.

How to style a plain red dress

5. Fitted blazer

In this outfit, I opted for a fitted blazer as my outerwear piece and placed a belt on top to cinch in my waist and give me that gorgeous hourglass figure.

On my feet, I’m wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots, and I like how the height of these boots contrasts nicely with the mini length of the skirt.

Styling a red dress

6. Simple chic

Here we have another red and white look, and I think this outfit’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

Outfits like these show you that you don’t need to go overboard when it comes to styling, all you need is a fitted dress and a good quality outerwear piece, and you’re pretty much done.

I kept the accessories minimal with a simple silver necklace, a little white bag, and some cream heels.

Red bodycon dress outfit with a cardigan

7. Cardigan

This is a similar look to the one I styled with the fitted blazer, and I wanted to show you that you can take one outfit, change up a few pieces, and you’ve instantly got a new look.

Not a fan of blazers? You can opt for a cardigan instead, which will give the outfit a slightly softer finish.

Chilly outside? Throw on a pair of tights under your boots, but go for ones that are slightly sheer so they won’t just look like a continuum of the boots.

Red bodycon dress outfit with a winter coat

8. Winter coat

I’m wearing a thick winter coat in this outfit, and I think it’s really the star of the show. I recommend investing in quality winter coats, and I assure you that you won't regret it.

Not only is this coat super warm, but it is very stylish - I can literally throw it on top of anything, and I look elegant and put together.

Black and red bodycon dress outfit

9. Black and red

In this outfit, I’ve gone for a black coat which falls just a little bit higher than the length of the dress. The proportions of these two pieces together look flattering and complimentary.

I’ve kept the rest of the outfit black with some high boots and black tights, so it is kind of like a monochrome look but broken up with that bright red in the body of the outfit.

How to style a red dress

10. Furry jacket

Last but not least, we have something a bit more casual. Here I’ve styled the red dress with a simple black jacket that has a furry collar - this is easy, everyday dressing at its best.

I changed up my footwear by adding on a pair of black boots but this time in patent leather. I find that the shiny finish of the patent leather adds a nice stylistic touch to my outfits.

Red bodycon dress outfits

There we have one red bodycon dress styled 10 ways. My top tip is to ensure that you have lots of neutral outerwear and footwear pieces in your wardrobe; that way, you’ll easily be able to mix and match them and create lots of different outfits.

Red is a bright color, so styling it with neutrals will also help to tone it down a bit. 

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