Steal Kate Middleton's Style: How to Dress Like Royalty

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Kate Middleton is such a style icon of mine and so many other women. She has that knack of always looking polished, she has such classy, elegant style and she always strikes the right balance between looking timeless and appropriate while also dressing in a modern, fashionable way. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to channel the Princess of Wales in your wardrobe.

Fill your wardrobe with button-down midi dresses and tea dresses. Royal women usually cover themselves up so a puff-sleeved midi dress is perfect for looking elegant and appropriate, but they're also just really pretty! With the above dress, which I got on Vinted, I like to pick out the green in the floral pattern with a dark green crossbody bag and shoes - it's a little unexpected so makes a statement but the colours still go well with each other.

Princess Catherine is famously a fan of L K Bennett and they do beautiful tea dresses such as this gorgeous light blue one.

Kate Middleton is rarely seen without a clutch bag or a top-handle bag - it's never seen slung over her shoulders. For those of us who aren't royalty (and I'm guessing that's quite a lot!), crossbody bags and shoulder bags are a much more practical option. For Kate, it's because she has to physically take her hand off of her bag in order to shake someone's hand, so she can use it to maintain boundaries.

There's no denying that holding on to a clutch or a top-handle bag looks very elegant, though. They were in fashion last year so you may be able to find some on Vinted, or if you'd rather buy new, the royal-approved brand Aspinal of London has some beautiful options such as the mini Mayfair, which also has a crossbody strap for versatility.

If there's anything I've got in common with the Princess of Wales, it's probably our shared love of coats. I just LOVE a beautiful coat, and in England and the cold countries I've travelled to, I definitely like to make a statement with my coat because often it's the only part of my outfit people actually see.

Kate has some beautiful colourful coats and this is the quickest way to make a statement with your outerwear - most people you pass in the street will be in black or camel coats. I also own coats in these colours and they do go with everything, but sometimes it's nice to add a little pizzazz. Sadly this dark green coat I'm wearing above is no longer available but I found a similar one from Reiss which is just as beautiful.

Dark green is actually the perfect colour if you love a capsule wardrobe because it makes a statement but still works as a neutral - green appears a lot in nature so it basically goes with everything.

Of course the royal family are known for their love of the countryside so if you're channeling Kate, it's worth adding a few equestrian-inspired and country-inspired pieces to your wardrobe. A belted camel cape creates such a luxe look and if you also add a matching fedora, it completes the hunting-outfit look (without the actual hunting, which obviously I am NOT suggesting you get into).

I styled this look with a mini dress, opaque tights and ankle boots but Kate would definitely wear it with dark green jeans and riding boots. Pure perfection!

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