How to Recreate Kate Middleton's Work Outfits & Dress Like a Royal

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

In this style guide, we are going to be gathering work style inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge, analyzing some Kate Middleton work outfits, and recreating her signature looks.

Kate Middleton is a working royal, and she attends many events throughout the year that require her to wear beautiful workwear.

There is a tendency with workwear to feel a little bit boxed in by the requirements and to feel a little bit dowdy, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case.

Kate is a perfect example of how you can look classic, stylish, put together, and still work-appropriate. 

Kate Middleton work outfits

Here, we are going to be looking at a few outfits that Kate has worn in her workwear situations and incorporate those elements into some of our outfits.

Kate wearing a purple pussy-bow blouse

1. Pussy-bow blouse

The first outfit is one of my favorite work outfits that Kate has worn. It is this gorgeous purple pussy-bow blouse, black dress pants, and black heels.

Emulating Kate Middleton's style

Here is my take on this outfit. I have gone for this baby blue blouse. It’s quite an interesting blouse because the sleeves are open, and they sort of come up and create a cape look that ties at the neck like a pussy-bow blouse.

I really do love a pussy-bow blouse because it is still work and office, but that bow adds a lovely feminine touch.

Kate Middleton & Princess Diana in polka dots

2. Polka dots

Another workwear staple that Kate loves is polka dots. Kate has a gorgeous polka dot dress. It's actually very similar to one that Princess Diana wore back in the day.

The navy with white polka dots combination is kind of like a royal workwear staple at this point.

For more Princess Diana style inspiration, you can see my previous post on how to dress like Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton green dress with polka dots

Kate has also worn this green polka dot dress, which looks just as good.

How to dress like Kate Middleton

3. Midi skirts

Kate is also a fan of wearing midi skirts. I found this outfit of hers, wearing the navy with white polka dots as a midi skirt. So I thought I’d have a go at recreating this outfit…

Classic Kate Middleton business casual outfit

… at least in part because I don’t own a navy blazer. I’ve gone for my white silk blouse on top.

I think midi skirts are a great option to wear to the office because you could do a more spring-summer look like this one and accessorize with white, as Kate has done.

Kate Middleton fashion looks with midi skirts

You could also take the same skirt and transition it into the colder months by wearing tights underneath and a long-sleeve fitted top.

4. High heels

Now there is one thing where I don’t really align with Kate when it comes to workwear and that is wearing really high stilettos. Don’t get me wrong, she looks absolutely incredible, but it's not practical to wear high heels all day long thing.

I think that there is nothing wrong with a nice ballet flat. In my opinion, they don’t go out of style. But also, something to consider would be a nice loafer.

I have a pair of loafers in a luxurious navy suede, and I actually think these are the perfect shoes for the office. They are comfortable for wearing all day long, but they are still professional-looking.

Kate Middleton wardrobe

5. Blazers

Next, I wanted to recreate one of Kate’s blazer outfits. I really like this outfit where she has black boots, black skinny jeans, a black top, and then this gorgeous gray tweed blazer.

Kate Middleton outfit with a gray blazer

I was able to recreate this outfit pretty well. I don’t own any black ankle boots, so I just went for my trusty black ballet flats and then popped a houndstooth blazer over the top.

I think that this is a really lovely business casual outfit that is also very easy to achieve.

Kate Middleton wearing a blue tartan coat

6. Coats

The next thing that I want to touch on is investing in a beautiful coat. You may not be wearing the coat in the actual office, but I think that investing in a beautiful coat that you can wear to and from the office is something that you can never go wrong with.

Kate has worn some absolutely gorgeous coats throughout the years, and I noticed that she really loves a tartan coat. 

The Duchess of Cambridge wearing long coats

She has recently started wearing longer-line coats. She used to wear coats that stopped around knee-length, but now she wears calf-length coats, and I do think that the calf-length coats give an extremely elegant and sophisticated look.

Kate Middleton work outfit with a tartan coat

Here, I am wearing a black tartan coat which I recently purchased, and this purchase was 110% inspired by Kate.

Kate Middleton work outfits

I hope that you enjoy that Kate-Middleton-inspired looks, and they give you a bit of workwear inspiration. Kate is so elegant and stylish, and there’s no reason that you can’t dress like a working princess too!

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