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Sometimes you want to change up the way you wear the same item of clothing. In this tutorial, I compare the minimalist way of dressing with the romantic way to give you insight on how to style one piece of clothing in both these styles. The trick here is to do this with clothes you already own. I’m looking to transform existing pieces of clothing from one style to another as opposed to buying a new wardrobe.

Find your clothing style

The minimalist style

I’ve actually done a separate tutorial where I break down the minimalist style, so if you’re interested in checking that out, I’ve put a link to it in this video’s description. In short, though, when dealing with a minimalist style, we’re looking at clean lines and an element of structure. The proportions are dramatic in a blunt and obvious way. The minimalist style doesn’t use too many patterns and prints, sticking to stripes and plaid, if at all. In terms of coloring, this style tends to use neutral colors or bold and clean-cut color blocking. 

Style your clothes

The romantic style

Like I mentioned above, you can also find a link to a video on the romantic style in this video’s description. In general, the silhouette of the romantic style is made up of clothing with more movement and flow, as well as embellishments. The proportions in this style are long and dramatic with high waists or voluminous sleeves. The romantic style uses prints to enhance the body, such as florals or artistic graphics. The coloring tends to be softer and less harsh to the eye.  

How to find your clothing style

Green flared dress

For the classic minimal style, I like to contrast the color of the dress with accessories such as a belt, bag, and shoes. The shoes and bag that I choose are simple and functional, and the sunglasses are minimal. To make it romantic, I choose a scarf, shoes, and sunglasses in a harmonious color and mix textures with my bag, shoes, and scarf. The scarf also serves to add movement to the dress.

Style your clothing

White button-down and slacks

When making an outfit that’s made up of a white button-down shirt and tan slacks into a classic minimal outfit, I start by tucking in my shirt and rolling up the sleeves. I keep the structure throughout the outfit and keep my accessories minimal. My footwear and bag are functional. To turn this same outfit into a romantic look, I restyle my shirt so that it loses its structure. I bare my shoulders and midriff and add texture with my bag, scarf, and shoes. 

Change up style without buying new clothes

Slacks and a cardigan

When creating a classic minimal look out of slacks and a cardigan, I wear the cardigan open over a white camisole, giving me straight lines. My sunglasses are minimal and my bag is functional. I make sure to choose structured footwear to finish off the look. When transforming this outfit into the romantic style, I restyle the cardigan so that it’s a softer look, with a cinched waist and bare shoulders. The sunglasses I choose are more glam, and I go with layered, detailed jewelry. My handbag is less practical but very cute. 

Style your own clothes

Long coat over jeans 

The last style is a long blue coat over jeans. To wear this in the classic minimal style, I wear the coat open and my scarf undone, giving me long, dramatic proportions. I keep my sunglasses minimal and wear contrasting shoes and gloves. When choosing to wear this in the romantic style, instead, I alter the silhouette with a cinched waist, making the proportions appear more balanced. The color palette is harmonious in all the accessories, including the scarf, belt, shoes, gloves, and glasses.

There you have it, folks! I think it’s so cool how you can take one outfit and style it in completely different ways. I’m a fan of each of these and plan to wear different options for different occasions. I hope the comparisons help you figure out how you want to play around with the different styles. Any ideas for what styles you’d like me to tackle next? Leave it in the comments below!  

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  • Jenny Jenny on Jan 19, 2021

    Where can I purchase the striped shirt? Love love love it!

  • Stine Stine on Jan 19, 2021

    The cardigan and the slacks with the shades I definitely like that I'm a shade girl myself that look is sexy but yet classy.