Turn Your Dress Into a Skirt During Summer

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Do you need a simple black skirt in a hurry, but there isn’t one in your closet?

If you have a simple black dress, then here’s your solution. You can turn a dress into a skirt in just a few seconds.

Check this out to learn how this magic happens!

Putting dress on

1. Put your dress on – not the way you think!

First, turn your dress inside out.

Putting dress on

Now put your dress on upside-down, so the top of the dress is at the bottom, and the hem is at the top. 

You’ll need to adjust where the top of the dress goes down to, depending on the length of your dress, and the length you want your skirt to be.

Just play around with it until you’ve got it just right.

Making skirt

2. Make your skirt

Fold down the top of your dress.

Making skirt

Pull it down, so the visible top is at your waistline.

Making skirt

Since your dress was either strapless or just had little spaghetti straps, there’s no bulk at your waist, and a nice smooth waistline.

How to turn a dress into a skirt

How to turn a dress into a skirt

And now, your simple black dress is doing double-duty as a simple, but elegant black skirt. 

Throw on some great boots, a top, and you’re ready to go! 

Leave a comment to let me know if you tried this skirt hack, and if anyone guessed your trick!

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