How to Turn Your Maxi Dress Into a Mini

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Hey guys! I’m going to show you a great hack for a DIY mini. I love using creative ways to make the most out of my clothes.

If you’re looking to get more uses out of your maxi dresses, you will love this.

Tools and materials:

  • Maxi dress
  • 6 hair ties
Inside-out dress

1. Turn the dress inside-out 

Start by turning your dress inside-out and putting it on. You will also need 6 hair ties.

Bunching and tying fabric

2. Bunch and tie

Starting at one side of your hip grab a section of the dress and tie the bunched section off with a hair tie.

Go to the other side of the hip and grab a section the same size as the first and tie it off with a hair tie.

Bunching and tying fabric

Go down about 3-4 inches from the first section and repeat the process on each side, tying off another section on each side.

Bunching and tying fabric

Go down another 3-4 inches and repeat the process, tying off another two sections.

Progress shot

Dress right-side out

3. Turn dress right-side out

Turn the dress right side in and put it back on to see your brand new adorable mini dress.

How amazing is this trick. I love the way this hack gives the dress a kind of Grecian goddess look.

This is such a great way to get the most out of your favorite maxi dresses!

If you use this hack, let me know in the comments.

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Suggested materials:
  • Maxi dress
  • 6 hair ties

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  • Donna Stennett Donna Stennett on Feb 25, 2023

    Interesting. I have a few long tunic tops that I might try this on, using maybe 2 rows instead of three.

  • Von Von on Feb 27, 2023

    I have to comment on what a great idea this is, I am 71 and when I was a teenager in the late 60s I wore mini midi and maxi dresses (still wear maxi, haha!) in both directions unfortunately. Every pay day I would hit the dress shops, but when it came to mini skirts they were hard to find for quite awhile in Australia , so I would buy a knee length skirt and go straight to the drycleaners ( which did basic alterations) back then, and tell them to cut off nearly half the length (costing more) to be fashionable. But for your generation,, this is a brilliant idea that is so easy to do, well done, so simple but very effective.🇦🇺