3 Black Jean Looks You Need

Sarah Lux Chronicles
by Sarah Lux Chronicles

Finally, black jean season has arrived. I don't care what anyone says, black jeans aren't a thing of the past, they are here, and I hope here to stay!

I know when summer rolls around black is automatically out because... heat, but I soak up all the black denim when the temps drop! AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

Here are my favorite ways to wear black denim!

I have to say these are maternity jeans, however, these looks can be achieved with any body type and non-maternity clothing!

"The Casual"

Nothing will ever deter me from adding a graphic tee to a look. Styling it with black jeans is, also, a must! I paired my black denim with a retro graphic tee, and a jean jacket.

Black jeans are the new slacks, maybe? I will take it! I paired this with a lacey-type top and a blazer for a more dressed up look.

Flannels are a Fall staple. Pairing it with black denim makes it a little more "dressed-up" than leggings.

You can even do the tie around the waist with a flannel and still pull it off!!!

Which look is your favorite?

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