3 Outfits 1 Pair of Overalls

Sarah East
by Sarah East

Check out how I sport these amazing oldnavy overalls in 3 different outfits. I love these overalls. They are perfect for us busy mamas and also for people who do physical labor for a living. I love them!

Here’s a little sneak peak of the 3 days I wore these overalls this month. Honestly it could have been more. I could easily wear them every day!

Outfit number one

overalls and hoodies! I just can’t get enough of the comfortability here. It also has a very “Rosie the riveter” vibe. The hoodie I’m wearing was actually a hand me down from my older sister. Pair that with these oldnavy overalls, a secondhand head scarf, and some high top chuck Taylor’s, and I’m ready to take on the world! This outfit was a perfect fit for me while painting and sanding furniture that day. I highly recommend them!

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high top chucks


Outfit number two

Overalls and a basic black long sleeve tee. I paired this little combo with some black mule shoes and a heart pendant necklace that was a gift from my dad. I love how timeless this outfit is. It’s one of those outfits that will literally never go out of style. It’s just so classic! And it’s good for everyday living. Running to the grocery store, picking kids up from school, taking kids to sports, going to the dentist. It’s just easy to live in this outfit. Hit up these links for some links to similar items.

basic black tee

mule shoes


heart pendant

Outfit number three

Have I mentioned how much I love these cute and comfortable overalls? I do! On this day I paired them with a striped, boat neck, 3 quarter sleeve, shirt. It was super chilly that day so I wore a drapey sweater with it. The necklace I’m wearing is secondhand and I love it. It adds a fun little pop of whimsy. All of the beads are different colors! The cherry on top are my classic black vans. That are so cozy and literally go with everything. So that wraps it up! I love these overalls. They are one of my very favorite staples in my wardrobe. Check out these links and stay tuned to see what I’m going to be sporting next month!

striped shirt

beaded necklace




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