3 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans! “Jersey Girl Knows Best”

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Ever wonder the best look for your jeans?! Or have you ever wanted to wear cuffed jeans? This simple tutorial will show you the basics! Is so simple to change the look of your jeans in seconds! Ready?! Let’s do this!

These are the basic jeans I wear and I guess I would call these a straight leg cut. What are your thoughts on this style. I’ve grown to love them. They are a little fitted to my calf which is great for cuffing these jeans! They also have some stretch in them which makes them a must for us curvy ladies!

This is the one roll cuff. It is so simple and a classic. This looks really great with flats or heels! 👠

This is a double cuff. I would wear this style with sandals, open toed flats or a real classic...flip-flops 😄

Here are the jeans with a reverse undercuff. It looks like I hemmed these jeans, but I simply cuffed it under once. This is another great look for flats, heels and sandals! 👡 I hope you enjoyed these cuffed jeans 👖

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