7 Cute Flare Jeans Outfit Ideas That Have Every Occasion Covered

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

Flare jeans are very on-trend right now. So, I have seven flare jeans outfit ideas to share with you, which cover every occasion. If you’re trying to find new ways to wear flare jeans, this is the style guide for you.

What are flare jeans?

Bell flare jeans

There are so many different styles of flare jeans. There’s the bell flare style, which is an exaggerated flare. 

Fitted and slim flare jeans

There are other ones that are more fitted and slim through the leg and then just slightly flare out at the end. These outfits that I’m going to show you can work with any style of flared jeans.

Cute outfits with flare jeans

1. Bold print

First up is this fun little outfit that gives me bougie vacation vibes. Instead of wearing a plain button-up, I went with a bold-colored shirt that has a floral print.

If you want to style the outfit for a night out or dinner, you can leave the shirt halfway buttoned. I paired the outfit with some simple white loafers.

It’s a more fun take than just wearing a plain shirt, and there are so many different patterns and colors that you could wear with this outfit.

Flare jeans outfit with a graphic tee

2. Graphic tee

This outfit is pretty simple and casual. I’m wearing my favorite graphic tee, which I love because it says, “everything’s better with a bit of drama.”

I tucked the top in all the way around, and then for shoes, I went with my favorite chunky white sneakers that I wear to death. 

Flare jeans outfit with a leather jacket

It’s casual and comfortable but if it’s a little cooler, you can throw on a bad boy leather jacket to have some fun.

I love the contrast between the shiny black leather and the rest of the outfit. It’s a great casual look for fall.

How to style flare jeans

3. Patterned turtleneck

This outfit has more of a retro feel to it because of the pattern on the turtleneck that I’m wearing and the brown wedge boots.

This is another easy way to upgrade your look, again going for an interesting printed turtleneck as opposed to a solid color. Think florals or geometric prints or polka dots.

Whatever you want, there are so many different options out there. I added a gold chain belt to finish off the look, but this would also look good with a simple brown belt too.

What to wear with flare jeans

4. Crop top

For all my crop-top-loving ladies, I love pairing a wrapped crop top with flared jeans.

Since this top is a solid white color, I added some fun red heels to add a pop of color to the outfit, and then I also added some red accessories like these cute cherry earrings that I have to tie the look together.

If you’re not a fan of crop tops, you could also opt for a v-neck blouse or a full-length wrap top as well for this look.

High-waisted flare jeans outfit

5. Striped sweater

This is another fun, colorful look, which is multi-colored stripes. Forget your plain black and white stripes or blue and white striped tops - no, let’s go for an explosion of different colors.

I love this one because I think that the colors just compliment each other really well, but you could also go for a more neutral or darker palette like blues with reds and oranges.

There are so many different types of striped sweaters, and I think that this is a cozy, casual look for fall.

Flare jeans outfit with a blazer

6. Pinstriped blazer

This one is actually perfect for casual Fridays if you have that in the office that you work at. It’s just a simple white tee that I tucked all the way in, and then I threw on an oversized blazer.

Again, this one is pinstriped, but you could go with so many different colors and options.

I’m wearing this with some plain white loafers just to keep it comfortable and casual, but this would also look very cute with some high-heels.

This outfit is perfect for a casual day at work, for grabbing lunch, and you still look chic and put together while staying comfortable.

Flare jeans outfit with a bodysuit

7. Open-back bodysuit

Last but certainly not least, my cool-girl summer outfit. The star of this outfit is definitely the open-back bodysuit. 

Flare jeans outfits ideas

From the front, it looks pretty plain, but then you turn around and bam - there’s some extra skin.

I’m also wearing what I call statement shoes. They look like simple black pumps from the front, but they have a leopard heel which adds a little fun to the outfit.

I also elevated the look a bit by putting on a simple black belt as well and of course my giant bug-eye sunglasses. This is a perfect outfit for the summer to just feel cool, casual, and fabulous. 

Flare jeans outfits ideas

There we have seven flare jeans outfits ideas that will cover every occasion. So whatever vibe you’re going for, there is a flare jeans outfit out there for you!

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