Quick Style Guide- How to Style Jeans the Stylish Way

Chrissie Milan
by Chrissie Milan

Ahh, jeans! What would we do without them? They are definitely a quintessential fashion item to any fashionista's closet. I can speak for myself- denim jeans make up the bulk of my closet and my style. There are so many cuts and colors to choose from boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, to even mom jeans- there's a pair for everyone's liking! I'm going to show you how to style jeans in my perfect denim jeans style guide. Let's start this effortless jeans style tutorial, shall we?

Jeans style

Boyfriend jeans

Here, I'm styling my boyfriend jeans. These are my ultimate go-to; it's an amazing piece to be casual and cool without trying hard, either. The one I own is from Zara. They are ripped and are dark blue in color, which is actually my favorite shade of jeans. I style this with a khaki green bodysuit, black strappy heels, and a bright orange quilted bag. This outfit goes great for a casual dinner or going out for drinks.

High-waisted jeans style

You can also easily swap these out for air force sneakers if you want an easier look.

Style jeans

Skinny jeans

This one's for all the straight and skinny jeans fans. The jeans I'm wearing in this look are actually vintage skinny jeans, also from Zara. These jeans are great to style in numerous ways, but for this particular look, I styled it with an over-the-top white shirt/ blouse with puffy sleeves. I then matched the color of my shoes and chino bag with a pop of bright yellow to break the monotonic feel. I feel these jeans are the perfect fit for me, and that's really the goal with high-waisted skinny jeans; they need to fit well. Because it's such a fitting look, I wanted to match it with a busy, interesting top so that it gives an edge to the whole look. This look is perfect for a brunch or a meet-up with your friends.

Styling jeans

High-waisted pants, in my opinion, just go amazingly with strappy heels, here you can see I went for an all-black vibe, and the result is just as sexy and sassy as ever.

Easy jeans style

Mom jeans

Let's head over to the mom jeans section. The pair I have are a lovely acid wash. These jeans style give a homey, feminine look, and I think they are best styled as a girlie look. Here, I match these lovely denim jeans with orange converse shoes, a cute white crop top, and a back. It gives off a very chilled, young vibe, and I really love this ensemble. I feel that if you want to dress up but not try too hard, then mom jeans are the ultimate answer for you.

Style straight leg jeans

Mom jeans also go great with a thin-strapped crop top; it simplifies the look while still giving a stylish edge.

Effortless jeans style

Wide-legged jeans

Ok, these jeans are just amazing. I was actually on the waiting list for these. These jeans are high-waisted but have somewhat of a flare at the bottom. I love the light wash color, and they make you look so chic! I styled these lovely jeans with a spaghetti strap tube top and a pair of white sneakers. I also accessorized this look with a plain black half moon clutch bag. As you can see, I didn't go over the top with anything because I feel these jeans speak for themselves.

Style boyfriend jeans

A white top would match really well with these jeans, too.

Style mom jeans

Ripped, straight jeans

Next in line are these stunning, ripped straight jeans. I styled these beauties with an oversized graphic tee. Pairing straight jeans with an oversized shirt is the greatest tip I can give you! Oversized, graphic t-shirts are the trending look right now, and I don't mind hopping on this trending train because it looks amazing and chilled. I wore white sneakers, sunglasses, and a cute black handbag. I really like the '90s vibe this look gives off. It's just so fabulous!

Add an oversize button-down shirt

Here's another look with more of an elegant vibe. I wore a white crop top, an oversized button-down white shirt, and snake-skin printed bag.

Short jeans style

Short jeans

I haven't forgotten about these! I have never really had shorts in my collection, but I have grown to like these. Denim shorts come in really handy, especially during summertime. I styled these with a lovely pastel purple crop-top with spaghetti straps, Transparent heels, and a white bag. I love the folded bottoms; it makes the jeans flare out a bit. Overall, it's just a stunning look and a good item to switch things up!.

Short jeans with high heels

You can also dress these down with trainers and maybe throw on a blazer for an interesting vibe.

I hope you guys found something you liked and that you now have inspiration for your closet and outfit style. Next time you wear jeans, be sure to check back to my tutorial for some instant style tips!

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