Style Guide- How Style Sneakers the Proper Way

Chrissie Milan
by Chrissie Milan

Want to know how to style sneakers? Yes, they are great, versatile in the sense that they are super comfortable and look sleek, too. But there are so many wonderful ways to style sneakers, and I'm here to show you an awesome casual style guide so that you can look as fashionable as ever! For this sneakers style tutorial, I will be wearing my absolute favorite sneakers- the Converse run star hikes, but you can use whatever air of sneakers you have. Let's get this fashion style guide on!

Sneakers style

Add some leather leggings

Here, I paired my sneakers with these stunning faux leather leggings. I wore a strapless black top and a sleek-looking long coat. Everything in this look is mostly black, except for my handbag, where I opted for a fun burst of color to break the mood a little. I also wore a cute, white headband to tone down the overall look. This outfit is just simply sassy, fun, and the different textures give it an exciting edge. The shoes really give this look a playful vibe and look great with the leather leggings

Easy sneakers style

Mix with white blazer and jeans!

Ok, this is my favorite look in this style guide. Here, I am wearing a sleeveless white crop top paired with a chic white blazer. I wore light wash denim jeans that are so funky and stylish! Finally, I wanted to throw in some print to the mix, so I accessorized this outfit with a mini leopard printed clutch bag. I love how this clutch breaks the monotonic tone but is still subtle and fresh. What do you guys think of this look? I think it's super clean and crisp. The sneakers give this look a funkier edge, and I think it goes so well together.

Style sneakers

Graphic tee lover

Don't you think this ensemble is awesome? I really believe Snoop Dog would love it too! So, I am pairing my comfy sneakers with a Snoop-inspired graphic tee in black and a pair of elegant white pants. I love that this look is laid back and chilled, yet it still looks trendy! I also paired this with a mini black backpack to pull off that relaxed theme. I think this look is amazing for everyday wear, where you don't want to overdress, but you also want to look stylish.

Sneakers styling

Styling sneakers

The sporty girl

This is an obvious one; it's no secret that sneakers go well with sporty attire. Here, I wore a pair of high-waisted grey leggings, a white crop top, and of course, my handy Converse sneakers. It's really an easy look to pull off. I opted for neutral colors, but you can go ahead and wear whatever your heart desires. This is great for the gym or even wearing it out while running errands or chilling at home. It's such a versatile look!

Outfits with sneakers

Elevate the sporty look

You can also dress this up and add an interesting twist to this sporty look. Here, I threw on a silky jumper jacket, and I accessorized this outfit with a plain grey bag. Do you see that just by adding two more items, you can transform this look into something more elegant and super snazzy?

Wear a tight-fitting midi dress

Pair your sneakers with a dress

Wear a tight-fitting dress

For all the dress lovers, I got your back! So, shifting from the pant ensembles, I threw on this classic midi turtleneck dress. It shows off my curves in all the right places, and the print is just so stunning. If I wanted a super elegant look, I'd pair this dress with some killer high heels, but wearing my Converse sneakers tones down the mood and can be worn in almost any setting. I really love this feminine look; it looks so put together and the slits on either side of the dress gives off a fun vibe, too.

There you have, fashion divas! Five beautiful and sleek looks that you can pair with your favorite sneakers. Each look is unique, and the sneakers give off that funky edge, leaving you looking on fleek and comfortable, too. Now that you know how to style sneakers, what look will you be wearing first?

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