What to Wear With Straight-Leg Jeans: 24 Cute Outfits For Any Season

Today I am talking about my favorite thing in my whole closet, my straight-leg jeans! I'll show you what to wear with straight-leg jeans in all seasons, through winter, fall, summer, and spring.

If you have a capsule closet or are working on shopping your closet this year for a no-buy or a low buy, this exercise of trying to come up with so many different ways to style one item can be really beneficial.

Wearing straight jeans with a sweater

1. Modern vintage

This cyan sweater goes perfectly with the blue jeans as the two are analogous colors. The loose fit of the sweater also contrasts well against the tighter and more structured jeans.

How to wear straight jeans tucked into boots

2. Jean jogging pants

I’ve layered up with a great big scarf, which is the focal point of this outfit. As well as keeping my neck warm, it also acts as a statement feature.

I’ve tucked the jeans into a pair of brown boots and pulled them out slightly to create a jogging pant effect.

What to wear with straight-leg jeans in winter

3. Two coats

I’m wearing a wool coat on top of a blazer for a layered look. I particularly like the different shaped lapels, one on top of the other.

The maroon of the coat adds a nice touch of color to the outfit, while the dark shade and low saturation make it appropriate for colder and darker days.

Military-inspired straight-leg jeans outfit

4. Military-inspired

The gold buttons on either side of this coat give it a military-inspired feel. Aside from the jeans, I kept the rest of the outfit all black but made sure to include different materials and textures to keep it interesting.

Straight jeans outfit with a belted coat

5. Belted

Again, I’ve gone for that gorgeous maroon coat, but this time I added a belt to define my waist and create a nice silhouette. Belts work really well over outerwear, and I recommend giving this styling idea a try.

The "Canadian tuxedo" with straight-leg jeans

6. Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim is a winning combination! I’ve thrown on a denim jacket in a similar, but not identical, tone to the jeans. I’ve then added a russet coat and leather purse to add warmth to the look. 

Cold-weather straight-leg jeans outfit

7. Double proportions

This is another take on one of the previous looks; layering a coat over another coat or jacket to create that double-lapel effect. I really like the shorter and sharper lapel of the black jacket contrasted against the longer lapel of the coat. 

What to wear with straight-leg jeans in fall

8. Oversized prep

I matched the jeans with an oversized cotton sweater and a thick scarf for a cozy look. This does the job of keeping me nice and snug on colder days.

Denim-on-denim straight-leg jeans outfit

9. Lengthy proportions

Here we have another denim-on-denim look, this time worn with a long trench coat, which lengthens my appearance and gives the illusion of added height.

Trendy straight jeans outfit inspired by Kaia Gerber

10. Inspired by Kaia Gerber

I’ve drawn inspiration from one of my favorite runway models with this outfit. Going for jeans with a black base is a tried-and-tested combination.

I’ve added some flair with a checkered blazer. A pair of sunglasses finishes the model-off-duty vibe.

Equestrian-inspired straight jeans outfit

11. Equestrian-inspired

Inspired by horseback riding, I’ve paired the jeans with a button-up shirt and black blazer. I’ve turned up the sleeves of the blazer to have the shirt cuffs peeping out. Tall boots mimic the jodhpur-boot look.

Classic straight jean outfits

12. Classic combo

This look is simple dressing at its best. A straightforward sweater, blazer, and some high boots with a belted waist. No-frills, no fuss, just classic style. 

Red and blue straight jeans outfit ideas

13. Color block

I’ve added some color and contrast by styling the jeans with red. The pointed-toe heels and leather bag in similar tones keep the outfit looking classy and high-end. Red against denim always looks good.

What to wear with straight-leg jeans in spring

14. Cinched silhouette

Layering a belt over outwear cinches my silhouette and adds a touch of femininity to the masculine blazer.

How to style straight-leg jeans with mixed prints

15. Mixing prints

The trick when it comes to mixing prints is to opt for one less detailed print (my polka dot shirt) with one that is more elaborate (my patterned, metallic jacket). Doing this will ensure that your outfit doesn’t look too busy.

What to wear with straight-leg jeans

16. Canadian tuxedo 2.0

I just can’t get enough of denim with denim; it’s just such a reliable wardrobe combination.

Here, I’ve added some neutral colors to the look with a blazer, bag, and boots in complementary shades of brown and beige.

Parisian-inspired straight-leg jeans outfit

17. Parisian-inspired

Who can say no to a Parisian-inspired look? This off-the-shoulder Breton striped top combined with open-back kitten heels and a pair of sunnies gives me just the aesthetic I’m after.

Classic straight jeans outfit ideas

18. Classic button-down

Jeans and a white button-down is a combination that I come back to time and time again. Pair with shoes of your choice. These off-white flats pair seamlessly with the blouse.

CELINE runway-inspired straight jeans outfit

19. CELINE runway

Here we have a runway-inspired look. When feeling uninspired for what to wear, turn to the runway for some fresh ideas.

This combination of the navy and black blouse with a black blazer makes a powerful and stylish impact.

Italian-inspired straight-leg jeans outfit

20. Italian-inspired

Fall back on your reliable jeans and white shirt combination; only this time, unbutton the shirt at the top to reveal a bralette underneath. A textured straw bag with a scarf tied around it finishes off this Italian-inspired look.

What to wear with straight-leg jeans in summer

21. Summer layers

A white shirt also makes a great outwear piece that is nice and light for hot weather and easy to take off when you need to. Here, I’ve layered it over a black camisole for a high-contrast look.

How to style straight-leg jeans with a dress

22. Dress over pants

I’ve paired a long button-down dress over the jeans and buttoned it at the waist. This dress works simultaneously as an outerwear piece while also looking like a cute summer dress.

Sporty athleisure straight-leg jeans outfit

23. Minimal sporty

For a sporty look, pair your jeans with your favorite pair of sneakers, a tank top, a baseball cap, and a crossbody bag. This gorgeous athleisure look strikes the balance of stylish and sporty.

Summer straight-leg jeans outfit

24. Riviera chic

Here, I’ve taken a large silk scarf and used it to create a sleeveless top. The red flowers at the top and the pointed-v at the bottom make a gorgeous top. White wedges and a textured bag finish off the look.

What to wear with straight-leg jeans

There we have a whole bunch of different outfit ideas for what to wear with straight-leg jeans. Give yourself time to be creative and mix and match different combinations, and you’ll find ways to breathe new life into this versatile wardrobe staple.

Which was your favorite outfit? Did any of the looks surprise you? Let me know in the comments below.

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