5 Jumpsuits 2 Ways: How to Style a Jumpsuit

by Well-Loved

In honor of today’s super exciting jumpsuit styles video, I am wearing my favorite 70’s inspired jumpsuit. I am feeling really inspired by how a jumpsuit can be a whole outfit or just one element in your own unique look. Get ready to flex that style muscle, because today we are getting creative!

Jumpsuit styles

Mix those textures 

Start with a loose, hippie style jumpsuit. It should be in a neutral color and be made from a really light material. Throw a light-colored sweater on top and finish with a matching pair of sneakers. I like to tie the sweater up to give me more shape and pull my hair back into a messy ponytail.

Style a jumpsuit

You can also skip out on the sweater and add a vintage-inspired blouse instead. Add a belt around your waist and grab your best pair of brown leather shoes. Both of these looks are unique in their own way and show us the ultimate jumpsuit truth - layering is your best friend! 

Easy jumpsuit style

A queen in jean 

The next jumpsuit is a gorgeous dark jean look with a tie in the back and buttons running down the front. I paired it with a mustard yellow cardigan and those same trust brown leather shoes. 

Basic jumpsuit style

Next, I switched the cardigan out for a silk cheetah print blouse and paired it with a sexy pair of brown boots. If this look doesn’t show you how easy it is to elevate plain jumpsuits, then I don’t know what will. 

Women’s jumpsuit style

Work it! 

Jumpsuit number three may look like a worker’s uniform at first glance, but it is about to become so much more. Put a colorful top under the jumpsuit and unbutton the top. Pair with matching sneakers and add a kerchief around your waist for definition.  

Add some color

Or, for something a little more daring, add a long-sleeved floral blouse under the jumpsuit. Grab a light-colored pair of low heels and finish off with a cute crossbody bag. I chose a red one for a pop of color. This outfit might be my favorite! I love the way the colors go together and the feminine blouse compliments the masculine jumpsuit. 

Red two-piece

Rocking the red 

Our next look starts with a bright red two-piece jumpsuit. Because the top half kind of hangs down, we are going to tie that middle up for some nice shape and definition. Slip-on a pair of sexy black boots and grab yourself a matching cross-body bag. Finally, for that finishing touch, add a handkerchief around your neck!

Add a dress

Alternatively, embrace your feminine side by adding a red dress over your red jumpsuit. Tuck the dress into the bottom half and wrap a belt around your waist. The contrast of the reds will give you a really unique look. Add a pair of brown leather shoes and you’re done! 

Plaid two-piece

Plaid pairings 

Going back in with another two-piece, this plaid look doesn’t do much on its own. But, after adding a knit sweater and some brown loafers, the outfit is transformed! I chose a sweater with some back cutouts so that the matching plaid top could peek through. Next, I added a cute hat to finish. 

Add a turtleneck

Although, if you’re looking for something more appropriate for summer weather, this second look may be more up your alley. Add a short-sleeved turtle neck under your top and tuck the whole thing in. Finish with a pair of leather boots and a rocking plaid blazer. I love this look because it really shows off the amazing world of prints and patterns. There is so much fun to be had with a jumpsuit that’s patterned! 

I hope these outfits helped you guys gain some inspiration for your own outfits. Remember, when it comes to jumpsuits, layering is your best friend. When you style a jumpsuit don’t be afraid to put something under it, something over it, or just a fun bag or belt looped around. 

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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Feb 17, 2021

    Time for me to invest in some jumpsuits!!

  • Trishh Trishh on Feb 17, 2022

    I think this is the best video of this kind I have ever seen. Your little shimmies made me giggle and your tips...am definitely going to try. Nice work!