22 Basic & Neutral Outfits That Still Look Stylish in 2022

Martina Pan
by Martina Pan

I love neutral colors because I find them so easy to style, and you can mix and match neutral pieces together to no end. Here, in honor of 2022, I’m going to show you 22 basic neutral outfits that are super easy to style. Let's get started.

Neutral outfit with a unitard

1. Unitard love

Let me start by featuring this very versatile black unitard. To me, this is a basic piece because it is just one piece of clothing and has a straightforward silhouette.

Here, I’ve styled it with a corduroy shirt, worn as a piece of outerwear.

Oversized neutral color outfit ideas

2. Oversized t-shirt

Still wearing the same bodysuit and shoes, I layered an oversized black t-shirt over the top. This is my lazy uniform because it’s such a no-brainer.

It is a monochromatic outfit but I included a pop of color with the bag.

Casual neutral color outfit ideas

3. Casual to classy

This is the last outfit featuring the unitard which this time I wore as a top. Notice how versatile this unitard is as it literally went from casual to classy

Neutral athleisure outfit

4. Athleisure

Here, I have gone for an athleisure look, and I’m not going to lie, I feel really comfy in this set.

Neutral beach outfit

5. Monochrome beachwear

This is a monochromatic look that is perfect for wearing by the beach. The set is made from a blended linen fabric which makes it great to wear on hot days.

Neutral monochrome outfit

6. Boxy monochrome

In this outfit, I’ve gone for quite a boxy fit. It feels very relaxed but looks put together because, again, it is monochromatic.

Easy neutral color outfit ideas

7. Lazy looks

I love this lazy look. The white top is the white version of the black top in the previous outfit and balanced out the boxy fit with a bodycon skirt to give this look a little less noise and dimension.

Comfy neutral color outfit ideas

8. Comfy chic

Let me just give way to the comfiest outfit in this lookbook. Honestly, I could sleep in this set.

Neutral outfit with wide-leg pants

9. Wide-leg pants

As you can probably tell by now, I have a strong affinity for all-white looks. I love this casual and easy fit. The wide-leg pants paired with platform sandals are a winning combination.

White and brown neutral outfit

10. White & brown

In this outfit, I tried to break the monochrome by adding white pieces, and the white also adds another dimension to the look and ties it together.

Neutral tone outfit with a black midi dress

11. Midi black dress

Let’s move on to some dresses. Dresses are a timeless go-to when you want to avoid putting together a look that has lots of different elements.

I styled the very relaxed black dress with one of my favorite bags and some chunky sandals.

Neutral outfit with a little black dress

12. Little black dress

This little black dress is straightforward and versatile. I styled it with an open white shirt as an outerwear piece, plus my go-to black bag and some high-top sneakers.

Neutral outfit with low-rise jeans

13. Low-rise jeans

Now let me talk about denim outfits. This is one of my favorite pairs of pants; it is a low-waisted pair and gives me early 2000s vibes.

Neutral tone outfit with a crop top and jeans

14. Black & denim

Another black top and blue denim look. I find it fun to tweak around with this combination by changing up my shoes and accessories. You can see that this outfit has a totally different aesthetic to the previous one.

Neutral tone outfit with loose jeans

15. Loose jeans

Here we have the same pair of loose-fitted jeans, this time styled with a white tank top. 

Neutral outfit with long shorts

16. Long shorts

I once had an affinity for very short shorts, but I’ve recently started transitioning to longer shorts instead, and I really love this pair right here.

Neutral tone outfit with oversized clothes

17. Oversized & oversized

Here we have an oversized t-shirt and oversized pants paired with a cute pair of dainty kitten heels. An unexpected combination that works.

Neutral outfit with a silky shirt

18. Silky shirt

Here we have another black and white outfit. I like wearing satin and silky fabrics, and I adore this shirt. This, to me, is one of those sleepwear meets streetwear outfits.

White and beige neutral outfit

19. White & beige

Here I styled a tube top with a wide-leg pair of pants that give the illusion of volume. The white with the beige together are very cohesive, which helps to make the outfit look structured and put together.

Neutral outfit with an A-line skirt

20. A-line skirt

Here I styled the tube top by pairing it with an A-line skirt. An A-line skirt perfectly offsets the straight neckline.

Neutral tone outfit with a long tube top

21. Long tube top

Here again, I’m featuring a tube top, but this one is a very different style. I think that this outfit is very dimensional because of the flared cuts at the bottom of both the top and the pants.

Black and white neutral outfit

22. Dressing up

Lastly, we have more of a dressy outfit, still in neutral tones. 

How to style neutral outfits

The strappy gladiator-style heels complement the tie detail on either side of the top.

How to style neutral outfits

There we have our 22 neutral outfits for 2022. I hope that I’ve shown you how you can take basic neutral pieces and style them in lots of different ways.

I’m all about versatility, and I’ve created a wardrobe that can achieve just that. Let me know what your essential neutral piece is in the comments below!

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