Ten Comfy and Cute Loungewear Outfits

Shawnaci Schroeder
by Shawnaci Schroeder

In this styling lookbook, I’m showing you how to style comfy clothing in quarantine. I’m going to show you ten outfits that are very comfy and cozy, but they’re also super cute. In case you don’t know, I’m the Queen of monochrome, so this lookbook will also help give you some ideas on how you can wear monochrome and make it look fabulous.

Loungewear outfits

Outfit 1

This is the first look. I'm wearing a white tank top and white flowy shorts. The thing about this outfit is that my jewelry dresses it up. It's such a basic look, but I've added some gold necklaces, my over-the-shoulder bag, and a watch and a bracelet on my arm. I'm wearing some sneakers, and it is pretty much an all-white look. A really good tip when you're putting together basic outfits is to make sure to add accessories because that's what's going to dress up your look.

Women’s loungewear

Outfit 2

The second look is a fun one because you probably think that I'm wearing a skirt, but it's actually shorts. The tennis skirt is on-trend, and these shorts look just like a tennis skirt - I love them. Again I've added a lot of accessories here - necklaces and rings. This is one of my go-to outfits when I want to look cute but feel super comfy too.

Best loungewear

Outfit 3

This look is great to wear if you're going out to dinner, but it's still super casual. The only thing that I did that is pretty much different from the first outfit is to throw on the big oversized blazer. Without the blazer, this is a casual outfit, adding the blazer seals the deal for the outfit, and it's such a staple. I think that everyone should have a good flowy blazer in their closet because when you add it on to comfy pieces, it just dresses up the entire look.

Cute loungewear

Outfit 4

This next outfit has a lot of personality, and it's mostly because of this top. When you wear comfy basics, you have to make sure that you have some sort of statement piece, and I feel that this top right here is perfect for that. I could wear this outfit at home because it's super comfortable, but it's also super cute because it has this one-shoulder detail and the cut-out and tie around the waist.

Cute loungewear sets

Outfit 5

The sweater is a fuzzy fabric and goes really well with the quilted fabric of the shorts. Incorporating different textures like this into your outfit creates a vibe.

Comfortable outfits

Outfit 6

This look I love because it's super comfortable and very affordable. This sweater, believe it or not, is from the men's section in Walmart. I'm wearing it with some sandals and socks. This look is really comfortable, but it screams style because the back on here is so cute. I generally don't really wear anything that has a lot of words on it because it's not really my vibe, but the back on here is very cool, and it just adds a bit of edginess to the look. 

Simple loungewear

Loungewear lookbook

Outfit 7

This outfit is cute because it has so many different elements to it. Not only am I wearing the long short trend, which everyone knows is in right now, and I've also got on a one-shoulder tank top. But the thing that makes this outfit really pop is the cardigan. It is a very thick cardigan. Adding on an oversized cardigan to a look gives it a vibe like you know how to dress. It just looks like you're really stylish.

Monochrome loungewear

Outfit 8

This is another blazer look, and the reason why I threw a blazer on this outfit is because it's such a casual look that you have to add something to it if you want to dress it up. I didn't want to throw on heels or anything with all of these outfits, so I had to find something to dress them up, and this blazer does that perfectly. Without the blazer, it's very casual, but adding on this blazer is what gives it the shape and adds that little pop. 

How to style monochrome

Outfit 9

Here I'm wearing a long pair of sweatpants. Sweatpants can be hard to dress up and make cute. I feel the best way to make sweatpants look cute is to accentuate your waist, so wearing a crop top and then tying something around your waist pulls you in, and that is what can totally change your look and make you look more put together.

Cute and comfortable outfits

Outfit 10

These shorts are super comfy and are a really nice satin material that elevates the look. Long shorts are also very on-trend right now, and the pinstripes are a really nice detail on the shorts. The accessories make this outfit go from super comfy to super cute.

That’s a wrap. Ten stylish yet comfortable outfits to wear around the house or for going out. Remember my top tip: adding accessories can elevate an outfit and turn it from looking very plain into something a bit more put together and thought-through. Different layers and textures also make your outfit look more polished and exciting.

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