How to Dress Up Your Loungewear: 4 Cute Leggings Thanksgiving Outfits

In this style guide, I'm going to show you how to dress up your loungewear for Thanksgiving. We've all got a lot of loungewear from when we were stuck at home during the pandemic, so why not get the maximum usage out of it?

Whether you'll be staying home or visiting friends and family this Thanksgiving, you'll want to look your best while still feeling super comfortable. That's what I'm going to show you here.

What color to wear on Thanksgiving

1. Red

Here I have a two-piece loungewear set in a coppery red color, which I love. The fit is super comfortable. Usually, I'd be wearing this at home with a pair of fuzzy slippers working at my desk, but here I'm styling it with a pair of black combat boots.

Combat boots are a great trend for fall and they're also very practical. The next piece that I've added is a faux leather shacket (shirt jacket). It adds a nice little touch and dresses the loungewear set up.

Lastly, I added a black shoulder bag. These pieces are all simple, but when they come together, they create a cohesive and trendy look that gives your loungewear that extra touch.

Super-comfy Thanksgiving outfits for adults

2. Black

For this next outfit, I'm wearing a black two-piece set and I've belted it at the waist. Accessories like a belt not only define your waistline but also add that something extra that your outfit needs.

For shoes, I went bold and brave and added a pair of bright red ankle booties. They instantly elevate the look and take it from loungewear to occasionwear.

Next, I added a structured taupe bag in black, red, and white, which is a bit of a statement bag, and adds some character to the look. 

Last-minute Thanksgiving outfits

3. Beige

Here we have a two-piece loungewear set in a caramel tone. Just like actual caramel, this color is irresistible. I added a cardigan to it with a nice blend of color; it is mostly navy and has touches of beige. It's a simple piece, but it brings the loungewear up a notch.

For shoes, I added a pair of flat boots in a nude color. This is a great example of how you can really easily dress up your loungewear.

Turning Thanksgiving lounge pants into a look

4. Mix and match

This right here is not a two-piece set! You can definitely mix and match your sets and wear the top or the bottom with something else. These joggers here have a nice fit where the bottom is a little bit tighter and cuffed, which helps when it comes to dressing it up.

For the top, I went for a classic striped black and white knit sweater. Then, I added a pair of white ankle boots that are very chic and dress up the joggers. Black and white is always a winner, and this outfit is a prime example of that.

How to dress up loungewear for Thanksgiving

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial showing you how you can get the most out of loungewear by dressing your leggings and cozy tops up! Loungewear doesn't just have to be for chilling out at home; with the right styling, you can turn it into a cute Thanksgiving-worthy outfit!

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  • Betty Betty on Nov 09, 2021

    I've always been so bad a choosing clothes, but this looks like something I can do! Thank you!

    • Patty's Kloset Patty's Kloset on Nov 10, 2021

      Thanks Betty! Sometimes choosing outfits doesn’t have to be so daunting. Sometimes just adding a key piece to some basics creates a whole look. ☺️ Glad these looks helped!

  • Suzanne McKeon Suzanne McKeon on Nov 10, 2021

    Oh yes!!! I am so ready to try these. I have always made Thanksgiving a comfy dress day. Guest and family are to wear comfort lounge wear. Nothing messy but nice.