How to Style Red Pants Outfits: The 10 Best Colors to Wear With Red

by Masha

Today, I'm going to show you how to style red pants outfits. The red pants I’m wearing are high-waisted and fall above the ankles, elongating my legs.

These pants are bold and definitely make a statement, but it can be difficult to know what to wear with them. So, this tutorial is all about what color tops to pair with your bright red pants.

For pretty much all of the outfits, I’m wearing a pair of cherry-colored heels, but they could also be dressed down with chunky white sneakers.

Red pants with a black t-shirt

1. Red & black

To start off, I'm wearing red pants with a simple black t-shirt. The t-shirt is a little bit loose, so I tucked it in at the front to create more of a silhouette.

This is a very simple outfit, and the black really allows the red to pop and make an impact.

For a smarter look, you could wear a black blouse, and if you're looking to create a bit of an edgy look, you could throw an oversized jacket on top.

Red pants outfit with a white shirt

2. Red & white

Another basic option is to wear your red pants with a classic white buttodown shirt. This is a great go-to outfit when you want to wear something bright, but not over the top.

Keep it sophisticated and simple by not overdoing it with accessories. You could wear the shirt tucked out for a laidback look or tuck it in for something a bit smarter.

Styling red pants with a light blue shirt

3. Red & light blue

Did you know that light blue goes amazing with red? I picked out this oversized light blue shirt, and the colors look very harmonious together.

The light blue tones the pants down a bit and adds a soft and gentle edge.

Red pants outfit with a denim shirt

4. Red & denim

To continue this color style, you can also throw on a denim jacket to create an edgy look. I like the mix of the formal shirt with the casual jacket.

You can play around with different shades of denim to see what you like. I like this lighter wash because it feels very feminine.

What colors to wear with red

5. Red & beige

For those who like minimalistic looks, I suggest pairing the red pants with a plain beige top.

Just like the light blue, beige shades will desaturate the red a little bit. This tones down the red and creates a well-balanced outfit. 

How to style red pants

6. Red & Brown

Brown and red is a very sophisticated color combination. For this red pants outfit, I kept the beige turtleneck and threw a brown trench coat over the top.

As brown is in the same color family as red, this makes the look feel cohesive. The red doesn't stand out as much as it does when paired with a black or white top.

Red pants outfit ideas

7. Red & light pink

Red and pink are analogous colors. We all know that if you mix red with white, it will create pink. They're also from the same color family.

Here, I'm wearing a simple pink tee, and then I have two cute jackets in the same color - an oversized blazer and a leather jacket.

Casual outfits with red pants

Outfit ideas red pants

8. Red & hot pink

Now we're moving on to bolder colors that are a little more daring. I'm wearing a flowy blouse in a magenta color.

Some might think that these two colors clash, but I think that that's part of the fun of this outfit.

The two vibrant colors bounce off of each other to create an electrifying look. This outfit really makes a statement and is bound to turn heads - I love it!

What goes with red pants?

9. Red & yellow

Next up is yellow. Red and yellow are contrasting primary colors, and when worn together, they create a spunky and striking look. I'm wearing a yellow sleeveless blouse with a gorgeous v-shaped neckline.

What matches with red pants?

I also have this warm and cozy marigold sweater, perfect for when it's a little chilly.

Red top and red pants outfit

10. Red & red

Lastly, I've gone for a red-on-red monochrome look. This look is bright, bold, and edgy. I've chosen a tee with some black and white lettering on it, which helps to break up the look a bit.

A leather jacket would also be a great option to add some variety to this look.

Red pants outfits

I hope you found some inspiration in these red pants outfits. Red is a powerful color that can make you feel strong and confident. Stand tall, walk proud, and you're ready to rule the world in your red pants!

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