How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

I’m discussing how to wear wide-leg pants with different top options. Maybe you feel that wide-leg pants wouldn’t be flattering on you. Yet, I hypothesize that ANY person can wear ANY style with the right fit, proportions, and confidence.

While I wasn’t sure about this style at first, I have grown to love it for a couple of reasons. One, the style is a nice variety from my skinny jeans and straight-cut pants. And two, they are quite a bit cooler in the hotter weather.

If you think that only a certain size woman can wear these kinds of pants, I showcased how they could work for the curvier shapes. For this how-to-wear series, I experimented with 2 different pants.

I decided to showcase different combinations of tops with two pairs of pants. Here are the ideas I came up with on how to wear wide-leg pants.


1-With a Looser Sweater

2-With a Tucked in Top

3-With a Monochromatic Top Tied at the Side

4-With a Sweatshirt

5-And last but not least this option is showcased on the blog

1- How to Wear Wide Leg Pants with a Loose Sweater

Any “rule” will tell you that if you have a voluminous bottom half, you should keep the top half tighter. Knowing that I’m not sure why this outfit works. And maybe you don’t like it. However, it was one of the looks I wore at a conference last October, and I was very happy with it.

Part of it could be the fact that the jeans are so whimsical and fun. Having them be a focal point can take the focus away from that idea?

Insider tip: The advantage of wearing shorter jeans with your ankle boots is you can show them off. When you wear them with longer jeans, they are hidden from view.

2-Tucking in your Top

To me, this is the way you see “real” stylists talk about how to wear wide-leg pants. Sure, it makes sense to pair a tighter top with the voluminous pants. However, I realize that many of you don’t like to tuck in tops all the time. That’s why I came up with 3 ways to tie your tee in a video a while ago.

If you worry that stripes make you look bigger, I hope you’ll check out the quote I used in this post about stripes.

3-Monochromatic Outfit

I rarely style a monochromatic outfit and I’m not sure why. But I figured since I ask you guys to push yourselves outside your comfort zone, I should too. In fact, I wondered if it would make the idea of how to wear wide-leg pants feel more comfortable to anyone?

Outfit Details

Notice how I tied up my top to make it look asymmetrical. Otherwise, it was covering up some of the cute flowers.

I kept my shoes more neutral with my pink mules. Notice that many of these how-to-wear wide-leg pants outfits are with flats and still look great.

Insider tip: Light pink can act as a nude depending on your coloring.

Insider tip: To tie up my top, I use orthodontic elastics. Target has some that would work wonderfully.

4-Worn Casually with a Sweatshirt

This is a perfect casual day-at-home outfit. I wore the hat because my hair was a mess this day. I’ve been seeing a lot of loungewear and sweats advertised with the stay-at-home regulations in place, yet I’m here to say that not all comfort pieces need to be muted. You can find many colorful and fun tops too.

Insider tip: Since a hat is on your head and near your face, I recommend finding ones that are a good color with your complexion. If you’re in a pinch, how about painting one or dying it?

I’m also wearing my sequin Walking Cradles “Orleans” sneakers. I have this sneaker in 4 different colors/styles because it is so comfortable.

There is a 5th way that I wore my wide-leg pants, which can be found on my blog post.

Looking back at all of these outfits, the common theme seems to be that my top half was kept shorter. Which helps with that 1/3 to 2/3 proportion that is aesthetically pleasing.

If you do want a longer top, then you might experiment with one that is more tunic length to keep that proportion but in the opposite way. It’s a great idea to explore further.

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