Check Out How to Rock Your Faux Leather Pants With These Styles

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When looking to step up her pants game, Giedre reaches for a pair of beige leather pants. Adding the right pieces allows her to turn the relaxed style of her pants into looks that are both chic and versatile. With different and defined styles, she knows how to take a simple pair of pants and turn them into looks that will stand out. Below are seven ways Giedre styles her leather pants, all of which are gorgeous.

Casual leather pants

Pairing her leather pants with a white button-down shirt that ties off at the end and a pair of white sneakers is one of Giedre’s favorite ways to style these pants. Adding a vintage designer bag as a statement accent is all that’s needed to tie this look together. With this comfortable yet sophisticated look, Giedre is ready to rock any casual setting.

Leather pants styles
Smart casual

When the weather turns cooler, Giedre makes sure that warmth comes with interest. After tucking in her white button-down shirt, she throws on a neutral gray cashmere v-neck sweater that is not only perfect for layering, but that goes great with beige. The addition of black accents creates visual completeness in this smart-casual style.

Leather pants outfit
Pop of color

A little color can go a long way, and Giedre demonstrates that beautifully with this classy look. The luxurious feel of a plain, silk camisole goes perfectly under a beautifully bold-colored blazer. To add cohesion to this look, Giedre rolls up her sleeves and adds some matching accessories. 

Brown leather pants
Back to black

Giedre believes that a black turtleneck should be a staple of everyone’s wardrobes, especially when the weather turns cooler. An elegant black blazer and black leather accents, paired with some glasses, has her looking office-ready. 


Faux leather pants women
Parisian chic

A blouse with a tie might look boring under normal circumstances, but Giedre shows off how to make it pop. By adding a long cardigan, plaid cap, and gorgeous heeled boots, this outfit is completely transformed. With a structured bag to add sophistication, Giedre is ready to jet off to Paris. 

Faux leather pants
Lady boss

Giedre knows that a striped button-down is always a good call. She manages to make a plaid blazer look cohesive despite the difference in print, and that’s due to its similar colors. With matching heels and a belt in a contrasting color, Giedre only has to grab her glasses and a gorgeous bag, and she’s ready to run an empire. 

Styled leather pants
Back to errands

Like many moms, Giedre is no stranger to plain white T’s and cardigans. Tucking the shirt into her beige leather pants, however, along with adding a structured bag, breathes new life into this common look. With a wool cardigan to keep her warm and white sneakers to keep the look clean and simple, Giedre makes running errands look like a night on the town. 

How to style leather pants

Who knew you could do so much with a simple pair of faux leather pants? From casual to business to elegant, there’s a style here for everyone. Which of these awesome looks is your favorite? Try it out and show it off in the comments! 

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