How to: Style Dr. Martens 5 Ways

Today is going to be starting off with another fun styling tutorial for you guys! I want to focus on my favorite pair of boots - my Doc Martens. Hopefully, this tutorial will give you guys some ideas and inspiration on how to dress up, dress down and really own your Doc Marten boots.

Dr. Martens style

Cute and comfortable 

For my first outfit, I wanted to go with something a little more casual. I started with a frayed pair of mom jeans and paired it with a cute cropped tank top. Next, I threw on a cardigan to complete the look and make it a little more season-appropriate. I went really minimal with accessories, but if you have any jewelry you love, feel fair to put it on. Finally, I finished with a cute backpack and obviously, my Doc Martens. 

Styling Dr. Martens

Cool and cozy 

For another casual look, this outfit started with an oversized sweater. I tucked it into a pair of black skinny jeans and let the back hang out. This outfit is really easy to mess around with. You can switch out the sweater for a cinched one, or a heavier one, or anything that feels and looks right to you really. 

Easy Dr. Martens style

Keep it cool

For this next outfit, I started with a shiny black legging and paired it with a cream-colored long-sleeved top and an oversized black basic tee. I don’t have a turtleneck top, but if you do, this outfit would look really good with one. Also, try and find leggings that have the shiny effect that mine does, because it pairs really nicely with the boots. I love this look because it’s so easy to put together and is still so trendy. 

Basic Dr. Martens style

Dress it up 

For this outfit, I wanted to go for something a little more feminine. I started with a yellow dress and threw a black sweater over it for warmth. Next, I added a belt onto the dress so that I could tuck the sweater up. Tucking the sweater helps give me a little more shape and accentuate my waist. Finally, to finish the look I added a small black bag for some detail. If you want, this outfit would look really great with tights and could then be worn in colder weather. 

Casual Dr. Martens style

Back to basics  

When I first got my Doc Martens, this outfit was a go-to of mine. The idea is to start with some light wash jeans and then add a solid-colored top and a plaid shirt thrown over. Make sure the top and flannel match. I love this outfit, I think it’s perfect for the fall, looks great, and is super comfortable. 

There we have it, easy Dr. Martens styles. Obviously, there are tons of possible outfits and pairings, this tutorial is just meant to serve as a starting point. Use it as inspiration for your own Doc Marten looks and get creative! 

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