How To Style Dr. Martens

Shawnaci Schroeder
by Shawnaci Schroeder

I'm going to be showing you how to style Dr. Martens with ten different outfits. I thought this style guide would be great for those of you who have a neutral aesthetic and you're not wearing a ton of black because sometimes it can be hard to style DMs to look cute. I'm going to be transitioning from a casual style to a dressed-up style so that you can see a variety of different looks.

Basic Dr. Martens style

Pop of white

This is a little bit more of an elevated style, something that you could probably wear to work, or if you have an event to go to that is a little bit dressier but not super crazy dressy. I love this look because it has a neutral white base that adds a pop of lightness. I find that sometimes an all-black or an all-gray look can look a little grungy.

Office Dr. Martens style

The big-tee look

This look is a lot more casual. I love big-tees, and I feel that they are so easy to style with DMs. Add some biker shorts, and you're good to go. The plaid shirt tied around the waist pulls the outfit together nicely and gives some definition to your waist. To easily elevate this look, just add a luxury bag.

Casual Dr. Martens style

The satin shirt

Satin is such a timeless material that smartens up whatever you wear it with. I encourage you to wear tops that you see as really dressy with your DMs, as this is an easy way to elevate the outfit.

Easy Dr. Martens style

The plaid shirt

Plaid together with DMs gives me such a Fall vibe. I'm wearing a super cute sweatsuit, but it needed something else, and the plaid shacket added a nice layer on top and made the outfit look seamless and thought out.

Style Dr. Martens

The cute dress

Here I'm wearing a patterned, short, cute, flirty dress, and I've styled it with a long-sleeve turtleneck. Turtlenecks can easily transform a look from Summer to Fall.

Styling Dr. Martens

The beanie

Beanies and DMs are a classic combination, and even though a beanie is just an accessory in this look, it elevates everything else and makes the whole outfit look put together.

Dr. Martens style

The blazer

A cool way to dress up DMs is with a blazer. A perfect combination for a look is when you have something that is really dressy with something that is really casual because it's a perfect balance. Don't be shy to wear a blazer day-to-day.

How to wear Dr. Martens

The denim jacket

I feel that this jacket gives me a little bit of edge and grunge and gives me that sort of feisty-fiery look. I've styled it with a big oversized tee worn on top of a turtleneck.

Dr. Martens fashion

The cardigan

On the top, I've got neutral vibes, and on the bottom, darker tones. This is a great way to color block.

Dr. Martens lookbook

The crew neck

Crew necks are so relaxed and comfortable, and often people think of them when they think of sweatpants or loungewear, but you can also wear them day-to-day with denim. A great way to dress a crew neck up is to wear a turtleneck underneath.

I hope that you've got some inspiration from the looks that I've put together. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you can only wear DMs with black and gray pieces, add different colors to your palette to shake things up a bit and keep you looking light.

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