10 Girly Dr. Martens Outfits to Mix Masculine & Feminine Fashion

Dana Kind of Day
by Dana Kind of Day

Dr. Martens are strong, statement, and stompy, but don’t let that scare you. In this style guide, I'll show you 10 girly Dr. Martens outfits, so you can dress up your boots and still feel feminine.

I wasn’t planning on buying Dr. Martens for a while, but when I saw this snake print pair, I couldn’t resist, and I bought them right away. I’ve been obsessed since then.

But I realize that it can be hard sometimes to style such big, chunky shoes, so I wanted to share with you different ways that I like to style Dr. Martens to help give you some ideas.

Dr. Martens boots and women's outfits

1. Short and sweet

Here I chose a short dress, and I decided to style it with a denim jacket around my waist, which adds a bit more length to the dress and is also a stylish touch. I love how this outfit is girly but edgy at the same time.

What to wear with Dr. Martens

2. Denim on denim

For the second outfit, I went with denim shorts and a white denim jacket that I’m wearing as a top. I really like the effect that wearing a single material can make; it’s like to texture what monochrome is to color.

Dr. Martens boots outfit

3. Neutral hues

Here I went with some neutral beige and brown tones for a stylish everyday look. The addition of the hat, I think, gives it a more grown-up feel, and a roomy handbag is a fashionable and practical accessory that has enough space for all of my essentials.

How to wear Dr. Martens

4. Splash of red

Here we have a red pencil skirt with a slit up the center which immediately draws attention. This line of focus continues with the knotted t-shirt above. I chose a t-shirt with a bit of red in it to match the color of the skirt for a harmonious look.

Outfits with Dr. Martens boots

5. Glorious white

Here we have a fun and girly look. I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder dress and belt bag around my waist to give more shape to my body.

The white dress brings out the white undertones of the boots, and white is also a great color to wear in the summer when you want to show off your killer tan.

Dr. Martens street style

6. Mixed up

Here I’m mixing sporty and classic styles together by pairing biker shorts with an oversized blazer. It’s always fun to dip in and dip out of different fashion styles; it allows you to create something that looks really unique. This isn't for everyone, but I think the overall look is classy and chic.

Dr. Martens outfit idea for summer

7. Printed shift

Next up, we have a denim shift dress with beautiful print detail that I’m wearing with a paperboy hat and my trusty pink sunnies. I really just went for happy, cheerful pieces and combined them together in an outfit.

Also, for the record, Dr. Martens definitely have their place in summery outfits!

Monochrome Dr. Martens outfit

8. Black and white

Here we have a simple and easy look. I’m wearing a frayed black mini skirt and a t-shirt that is knotted at the waist to cinch it in. The boots add a very subtle hint of color to an otherwise black and white outfit.

Sheer top with Dr. Martens boots

9. Sheer allure

This is a very upbeat look that I enjoyed putting together. I’ve gone for a sheer pink t-shirt layered on top of a sports bra, mom jeans, a colorful belt bag, and pink sunglasses. The lilac color of the Dr. Martens blends really well with the light wash of the jeans.

Dr. Martens boots and maximalist fashion

10. Pretty in polka dot

Last up, we have something a little bit different—a wild card! Here, I’m wearing a sheer polka dot dress with denim shorts and a sports bra underneath. The Dr. Martens amp up the volume and bring even more personality to this already busy outfit. 

Girly Dr. Martens Outfits

Those are my 10 girly Dr. Martens outfits for you. I went for a pair in snake print, but if that’s not your style, you could, of course, buy a pair in a solid color.

If you’re a fashion maximalist, like me, go for prints on prints on color on prints (and don’t forget to throw in some funky accessories as well). If you’re more of a minimalist, choose a pair of boots in a neutral tone that will go well with the colors that you wear on a day-to-day basis.

Which was your favorite outfit? Let me know in the comments.

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