How to Break in New Dr. Martens...Simple and Fast...Minimal Pain!

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I love these shoes...but YIKES(!)...Brand new Dr. Martens are stiff and hurt my crazy!

I bought a pair and after one try-on, I was ready to return the absolutely-impossible-to-wear shoes. But then I decided to do a bit of research on how to properly mold and fit the shoes to my feet. After analyzing the research ideas and some intense testing, here are the best results to Break in New Dr. Martens...It's all about Stretching/Heating/Molding and a big dose of patience.

Are You Ready?? Let's Go!!

What You Need to Properly Break In New Dr. Martens Shoes:

One Pair of New Dr. Martens

Thick Socks

Blow Hair Dryer


Soda Cans

A wee bit of Patience

Dr. Martens Black Patent Leather Women's Shoes...Amazon LINK.

First: Order Your Correct Shoe Size. Dr. Martens run true to size. Remove all the manufacturer paper inserts.

Loosen, but do not untie the shoes.

Try on the shoes with Thick Socks.

The shoes are very, very stiff and you need to take a bit of time to wiggle your feet into the shoes.

Next: For your first venture, Wear the Shoes with Socks for 10 minutes. Once on your feet, the shoes will begin to feel warm to the touch.

Next: For 1 week, wear the shoes every day for 20 minutes. With the shoes on your feet...carefully heat the shoes with a blow careful to not touch your skin or the shoes with the dryer.

The blow dryer heat helps to speed up the stretching/molding process.

Then: Take off the warm shoes and quickly insert soda cans into the shoes - push down as far as you can to the toes of the shoes. Leave the cans in place at least overnight. Do this for the entire first week of the molding/stretching/heating regiment.

Then: Week 2. After wearing the shoes for 20 minutes daily, Take off the warm shoes and insert crumpled newspaper into the shoes- from toes to heel. The newspaper acts to continue molding the shoes to your feet. Repeat this for a full week.

Finally: After 2 weeks of stretching/molding/heating the can now put on the shoes and wear without socks...there should be no pinching, tugging, or pain to your feet.

You did it! You created a personalized Dr. Martens Shoes for You!

Store the shoes with the newspaper in place to continue with the molding to your feet routine.

Disclaimer: If after 2 weeks, the Dr. Martens still pinch your feet and cause pain, continue the stretching/heating/molding routine for at least 2 more weeks...within 1 month, you should finally see positive results - with stylish, fun to wear shoes!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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  • Treacy MacKichan Jones Treacy MacKichan Jones on Dec 01, 2023

    My only problem with your advice is the blow dryer , it will dry out the leather especially patten leather and it will crack .

  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Dec 02, 2023

    Hi Tracy. I agree that heat will crack leather, however with this only a tiny bit of heat is used on the shoes. The shoes are just warmed for a short period of time...just enough to soften to mold around the cans. Hope this explanation helps! Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!