How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Shirley Yu
by Shirley Yu

Hello, lovelies! Are your over the knee boots slipping down when you wear them? You can rock your fashion-statement boots without worrying about pulling them up! This tutorial is all about learning how to wear over the knee boots to avoid any mishaps.

Over the knee boots style

I happen to have two pairs of black over the knee boots. The only difference between the two is that one pair has ties at the top. These boots are amazing but sometimes, when I’m walking around, I find myself having to pull them up.

Over the knee boots no slouching

Tip 1 

A lot of people like to wear jeans with over the knee boots, but I find that denim doesn’t help when it comes to the boots sliding. I prefer to wear my over the knee boots with leggings. After doing a few experiments, I realized that sheer leggings don’t work too well because the fabric is quite slippery. 

Over the knee boots without slouching

On the other hand, cotton leggings work a lot better. Even though cotton is a soft, smooth fabric, the over the knee boots don’t tend to slip when I wear cotton leggings. I found the same goes for polymer fabric. Finding the right fabric when it comes to leggings is a great way to stop over the knee boots from slipping. 

How to style over the knee boots

Tip 2 

Tip number 2 is a really easy and great way to keep your over the knee boots from slipping. Adding a little double-sided, fabric tape on the inside of your boots can help them stick to the fabric and prevent them from slipping down while you walk around. 

Over the knee boots with a skirt

Tip 3

Tip number 3 to prevent your over the knee boots from slipping is high socks. This is a great tip for those who like wearing over the knee boots with a bare leg. High socks will definitely help keep your boots from falling down. 

How to wear over the knee boots with the skirt

Tip 4 

This next step seems pretty simple but it is so important! Before you go ahead and buy a pair of over the knee boots, it’s important to consider which boot you are going to buy. The reason I bought a second pair of boots is that it has a tie at the top. 

Style over the knee boots with a skirt

I love the tie because it allows me to adjust how tight I want the boot which really prevents it from slipping down. Let me know if you have any other tips for wearing over the knee boots in the comments! 

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  • Sylvia Sylvia on Jan 31, 2021

    Could you hem the top of the other boots and put a string inside?

    • See 2 previous
    • Shirley Yu Shirley Yu on Feb 07, 2021

      That's a clever idea!

  • Sats Sats on Mar 10, 2021

    I wear over the knee shocks they look cute and hold them up really good if they do slip some of them have little lace or buttons on the top i have 2 black and one tan pairof them the tan are nice cause they go with everything

    • Shirley Yu Shirley Yu on Mar 21, 2021

      I totally agree! Over the knee socks are amazing, they're super easy to pair with outfits and perfect for spring! 🌸