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I never thought I'd be the girl who wanted to wear boots, let alone over the knee boots. Especially after moving back to Florida from Virginia, I've been plenty happy with the warm weather and the excuse to wear sandals all year round. Even after a few years living in Florida I never felt the need to buy or wear a pair of boots. Until I saw over the knee boots styled on my favorite blogger. Up until that time, I had thought of over the knee boots as classless and tacky. But the way she styled them were impeccable. I knew right then I had to try them out for myself. But living in wasn't something I jumped on right away. After all, it was still 80 degrees outside. So I decided to sit and think about it a bit. There would be plenty of time to decide come next fall too if I wanted to try them out for myself and maybe I could save some money towards them too.

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After thinking about it for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. But I didn't want to splurge on something that I might not love. (And certainly wouldn't be able to wear as often as I'd like if I did love). So I decided to try a relatively cheap pair from Amazon. ( Under $50). And let me tell you, they were perfect!

They were just the thing I needed to get me back in the mood for boots. Yes, even in Florida! And this week, owning all those boots really paid off. It's been below 70 most every day this week. And I got to pull out these over the knee boots once again! After all, these boots were made for walking.

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