Taking Comfort to a New Level

by Glamorouslady_x

The comfortable footwear such as Crocs or Birkenstocks have been around for years and have been worn and loved by all types of people due to their comfort levels. However, in the past year many designers have adapted these comfortable footwear by adding embellishment and putting their stamp on them. Needless to say the prices of these designer versions are 10 times higher than their original models.

So this is the traditional and original shoe which is known for its comfort and fit all benefits. In fact, these are so comfortable that they are worn by most medical professionals as part of their scrubs uniform. These are definitely not the prettiest of footwear however I can see their benefits.

And here is an example of the designer equivalent that is priced at ten times the value of the original design! Personally, not only do I not think that these look very aesthetically pleasing but they no longer have their comfort advantage.


Here is another designer version of these shoes. As you can see, here the heel has been raised and a fur lining added so I would presume they are still very comfortable. They also have a darker shinier black colour to them. Would you pay five times the price for the added features?


This is another designer remake of another comfortable footwear brand. So the style and shape is exactly the same but a crystal buckle has been added. I think these look quite nice.

And my final example is the famous design collaboration of the very coveted Manolo Blahnik with the comfort of Birkenstocks. They are beautifully designed however if I was going to invest in designer pair of shoes I’m not sure I would want this type of design.

Would you buy a pair of these?

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