Fall and Winter Shoe Collection

Mo Muzzey
by Mo Muzzey

My mom always says, there are two things that will always fit no matter how much you weigh and they are handbags and shoes. Today’s tutorial is all about my fall/winter shoe collection. I am a big shoe fan so I wanted to share a few of my favorite fall and winter pairs.

Winter shoes for women

Black Doc Martens

I have to start off this tutorial with my absolute favorite shoes! I love my Doc Martens and they go with anything! 

Wear white shoes

More Doc Martens

Yes, this is another pair of Doc Martens but I am just so into them! They work really well to dress down an outfit and I really love the white color. 

Buy a different pair

I wonder what brand this pair is! They actually don’t make this style of Doc Marten anymore but I picked these up second hand. I love how different they are!

Women’s winter shoes

Thrifted pair 

This pair of gems is actually thrifted. These boots fit like a glove and I love wearing them with tights and a cute plaid skirt. 

Winter shoe collection

Platform boots 

These boots have a really special place in my heart because they were actually the first pair of platform shoes that I owned. They are so comfy and just a great go-to!

Wear platforms


The second I could get my hands on this platform converse I had to! You can never have too many pairs of sneakers!

Women’s fall shoes

These Nike Airforces are probably my favorite pair of sneakers! They were a gift and I am so grateful because they just look so good with everything. 

Wear black and white shoes

These Vans are just a great staple to have in the closet and are super comfy! I firmly believe that you can never have too many black and white shoes. 


Fall shoes for women

I have a feeling that these are men’s shoes but I actually don’t care because I love the fun colors!

Choose comfortable shoes

I love these shoes! They were my first pair of platform vans. These shoes are so comfortable I honestly feel like I could walk 1000 miles in these bad boys. 

Wear white sneakers

More sneakers 

I picked this pair up when I was in Milan and so I always love wearing these as a reminder of my travel experience. 

Fall shoes

What do you know, another pair of vans! Of course, this pair also has a platform and these babies fit like a glove. 

Love your shoes

I’m not sure the reason, but I love these shoes more than anything! So glad I bought a pair of white Airforces!

Wear fun shoes

My brother is a total sneakerhead so he gifted me these Yeezys. These shoes are so much fun! 

Fall shoe collection

The non-winter, winter shoe

I know I said this was a fall/winter collection but I had to feature these slides. These are my new house shoes and they are just the best. Anytime they get dirty you can just wipe them clean. As you can tell, I wasn’t lying when I said I am a big shoe girl! I want to hear what your favorite fall or winter shoe is! Share in the comments! 

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