Affordable Denim Shorts for Curvy Bodies

by Ironmom40
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I have never been a big shorts wearer. It’s always been hard for me to find cute affordable shorts that for my curves. Finally retailers are making them. I’m going to show you three of my favorites for this spring and summer.

This pair from old navy is perfect! They are high rise, perfect length (without being too long) and super comfy! These would look good on a lot of body types. I’m so in love with them. These will definitely be a go to for me this year.

This next pair are from Walmart! They are the Sophia Vergara line and are absolutely perfect for curves. They hit you just right to hide that mom tummy and are the perfect length too. Love the distressing on these too. They are so perfect, I bought them in a darker wash too!

Last but not least is another Walmart pair. These are from the scoop line and are the perfect Bermuda short. They are a washed black and have the cutest fraying and distressing on them. Also very comfy and a perfect rise. I have actually found a lot of great shorts this year. Be sure to follow me on the app where you can shop all of my affordable fashion finds. You can also click the link in my profile to be directed there.

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  • Very cool! Will go check them out. I need them for work in summer, I work with dogs. For me it's the opposite, being tall and curvy, the rise is not always correct. Diane Gilman has a line I love and order a couple pair every year. Thanks for the tip!