3 Ways to Style a Leather Mini Skirt!

by Shanthomas87

Hey hey! It’s fall time finally and time to break out those leather mini skirts! (Or if you don’t have one, time to get one!!) I think many people are hesitant to purchase one, simply because they aren’t sure how to style it! Today I’m hoping to help you out with that problem! Let’s dive in 😜

Look # 1:

For this first look, I simply added a white bodysuit and a neutral heel. By keeping this look very simple, you can wear it multiple places. I also think the key with a leather mini skirt is too make sure it’s not too short or not too tight. I honestly think it can make the look a little cheap looking if the fit isn’t good. But if you keep the skirt fit appropriate, you can wear it several ways and to serval places!

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Look # 2:

For this next look, I added a classic button down. You can do any color, but I like the olive green with the black! I paired it with a neutral heel. I would wear this to brunch or dinner with the girls!

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Look # 3:

This my favorite way to wear a leather mini skirt- all black! I actually wore this for a date night a couple weeks back! This would also be perfect for a concert! A little edgy, but still classy!

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1️⃣, 2️⃣, or 3️⃣? Which is your favorite?! There’s honestly even more ways I could style this skirt, but this hopefully gives you a good place to start!

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