6 Ways to Style a Long Skirt

6 Materials
5 Minutes

I am going to show you guys 6 fashionable ways to style a long skirt.

Long skirts are great and can be surprisingly versatile. Experiment with these 6 looks to see which one you like best.

Tools and materials:

  • Long skirt
  • Belt
  • Oversized blazer
  • Cropped T-shirt
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Cropped short sleeve cardigan
Cropped top

1. Cropped top

Pair your skirt with a silky cropped top.

Short-sleeved dress

2. Short-sleeved dress

Turn your skirt into a short-sleeved dress. Put on a fitted T-shirt and pull the dress up over your chest. Pull it all together with a belt.


3. Blazer

Wear your skirt with a plain cropped T-shirt, then throw on an oversized blazer to add some structure to the feminine flow.

Long sleeves

4. Long sleeves

Put on a matching long sleeve shirt and a small sweater vest for a preppy twist.

Short dress

5. Short dress

Pull the skirt waist over above your chest. Pull and shorten the length over a mid-waist belt.

Mid-length dress

6. Mid-length dress

Pull the skirt above your chest and wear it as a mid-length dress. Wear a cropped short-sleeved cardigan to complete the look.

Six ways to style a long skirt

I hope you enjoyed seeing 6 uniquely stylish ways to wear a long skirt.

Who knew one article of clothing could provide so many different outfits? Which was your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know.  

Suggested materials:
  • Long skirt
  • Belt
  • Oversized blazer
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  • Kassi Kassi on Aug 29, 2023

    Very cute looks. My favorites are the second and sixth stylings. I see the second being worn to a seaside restaurant for a relaxing lunch and the sixth to an evening out with friends.