3 Ways to Stylishly Keep Your Legs Warm in Winter

Every winter I feel challenged to find new stylish ways to stay warm. It’s always so tempting to just throw on black leggings and the same coat with everything and be in a rut all season. But that’s no fun!

Since I’m more of a skirt/dress person than a pants/jeans person, keeping my legs warm is always a top priority. Black leggings look too heavy and dark with any outfit that’s not dark colors. So I found some alternatives that bring in color and texture to make my winter wardrobe more interesting.

Here are 3 ways to stylishly keep your legs warm in winter.

Sweater Tights

Just like wearing a cozy cable knit sweater feels so snuggly, these tight have the same effect but on your legs. Thicker than the average tights with a charming cable knit design, these tights add a bit of texture and interest for keeping warm and being an accessory for your outfit. I chose mine in a light taupe color, so they go with a lot of outfits, and you can see the cable knit more prominently than a darker color.  Shop sweater tights.

Colored Tights

I used to have a drawer full of black tights and wore them with everything. But it’s soooo boring! I finally expanded my tights collection to include various colors to go with my more colorful outfits. I chose rich hues that I tend to gravitate to in wintertime, such as burgundy, navy blue and green. They add a fun pop to your outfit, and you look more polished and styled when your colors are coordinated.  Shop colored tights.

Fleece-Lined Tights

I recently discovered these tights and they are genius! Since I live in a colder climate where we frequently get below-freezing temperatures, I wanted something that looked feminine but felt like my cozy sweatpants. These tights look like sheer stockings on the outside, but inside, they are lined with a soft, nude-colored fleece that looks like skin through the tights! I can wear these with more dressy outfits and stay warm and cozy! Of course, the “nude” color may not fit all skin tones, but I noticed they are expanding the color choices, so look around to find what you need.  Shop fleece-lined tights.

Now that you know 3 ways to stylishly keep your legs warm in winter, which ones will you try?

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