How to Style Tights - 5 Unforgettable Looks

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

We’re all used to mono-colored tights, those are safe and go with just about anything, right? But lately, I have been experimenting with prints and bolder colors and I think that you can add this element to your outfits so that you can look more stylish than ever! I was inspired by Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl; her character wears some pretty funky tights style throughout the show. I am not going to be that extreme in my looks, but feel free to go that route should you wish. For this tutorial, I went ahead and bought some lovely, sustainable tights from a brand called Swedish Stockings. If you want to know how to style tights, then this tutorial is just for you!

Tights style

Look 1

This is a great polka dots tights style that is subtle. I love that these are not dramatic, you can tell they have a polka dot style but it’s not really in your face. These are great to wear with almost anything, too. They are classy and cute, and pairing them with an all-black outfit really goes a long way. I styled it with a houndstooth skirt, I wanted to see how it would match and it looks amazing! I wore a black top and accessorized it with a lovely pearl necklace.

Styling tights

Look 2

Get your sparkle on with these sleek and glitzy polka dot tights. Again, I opted for black tights that have a subtle, sparkly edge. These are perfect for going out and will work exceptionally well for new year’s eve. I wore a Ted Baker dress with these. The dress has a silver metallic thread that pairs wonderfully with the glitter polka dots.

White tights style

Look 3

The next tights that I got are these beautiful white net tights. Even though I have been looking to wear a white, opaque tight, it has also frightened me. I feel that styling white tights can either go right or wrong, like a hit or miss. An easier version that would be better to pull off though, is something with some texture or pattern. Like lace or nets. I feel that this style is not as harsh. I really like the classic white-netted Gucci tights but these do come with a high price tag. So, when I saw the white tights on Swedish Stockings, I got really excited! I decided to pair these beauties with a pastel color scheme. I wore a basic white turtleneck, a pink plaid skirt, and light pink pumps.

Polka dot tights style

Look 4

Keeping to the white style leggings, I wanted to go a little with a Parisian runway look. In general, the white tight gives off a designer, high-end vibe and so I think these are a must for your wardrobe. In this look, I wore a Ted Baker printed floral dress, something that looks more like a 60s style. I wore it with a white turtleneck and the same nude, pink pumps. I feel this look gives a lovely Prada vibe. It’s so chic!

Colored tights style

Look 5

Next, we have these lovely burgundy tights. Again, I have been cautious with color; I wasn’t sure I wanted a full-blown red color. These are adorable for fall as it fits into the fall color scheme. For this outfit, I wore a brown tennis skirt and a white, free-flowing top. To top off the look, I wore a lovely deep-red baker boy hat. I love this casual hat and it really pairs so lovely with the whole outfit. I feel I look like a Victorian factory child with this hat, and I love that kind of vibe- laidback, casual, and cute.

It was super fun experimenting with different tights! I was amazed at the endless possibilities these tights create. Whatever color you like, go ahead and get your tights styling on! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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