5 Ways to Take Your Outfit From Plain to Polished

by Hollyburns.style

I took 5 outfits from plain to polished and i love the results. These are all easy tips and tricks to not only help you look more pulled together but to help your clothes and outfit more flattering.

The changes I made to this look we’re adding earrings and tying the top in a knot. By tying the top into a knot it adds length to the legs and gives an added dimension with the knotted bow.

The changes I made to this look were adding a necklace and rolling/cuffing the sleeves on my sweater. By adding the long pendant necklace it creates length. By rolling/cuffing the sleeves it allows you to see the wrists which creates a more feminine and flattering look by showing this delicate feature.

I made 3 changes to this look to keep it comfy but create a more pulled together look. I switched out my zip up hoodie for a sweater blazer, staying comfy and warm but “fancier” than a hoodie. I also tucked in the graphic tee to create a longer leg line. The last change I made to this look was rolling/cuffing the hem of my jeans to above the ankle bone. This does the same effect as showing wrists, in that it helps show of the smaller ankle bone creating a more feminine and flattering look.

For this look I also made 3 changes. I added a button down to create dimension with an added layer. I tied a knot in my t-shirt to raise the hem of the shirt to create a more defined waist and longer leg length. The final change was to pull the hem of my joggers so that the ankles are more visible (again showing the more dainty feature.)

The two changes I made to this look were adding a hat and a long statement necklace. The comfort of this outfit is unchanged but by adding these 2 pieces it creates dimension and interest, which make it look more pulled together.

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  • AzLand Shafer AzLand Shafer on May 29, 2021

    Beautiful and so thoughtful to help others. You are so smart! Great ideas. Love your infectious smile too.

  • KarenLyman KarenLyman on May 29, 2021

    You are so beautiful! I love your smile. My favorite combination is your last pic! Thanks for sharing,