Flip Your Sweater Upside Down and Tuck in the Back

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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Here’s a new way to wear your favorite sweatshirt.

For this easy fashion hack, all you need is a hoodless sweatshirt or sweater to achieve the look.

Tools and materials:

  • Sweatshirt (no hood)
  • Bonus: button-down shirt
Putting sweater on backward

1. Put your sweater on backward

Flip your sweater neck-side down, then put one sleeve through the sleeve hole, like this:

Wrap it around your back and put your bare arm through the other arm hole. 

Putting sweater on backward

2. Tuck

Tuck in the back into the top of your pants for a polished finish.

Tucking sweater

Now you have that cozy feeling with a more polished look: 

Sweater hack

Bonus hack

Get a similar look with any button-down or thin jacket

1: Wear it backward

Put the shirt on backward.

Wearing shirt backward

2. Lift the front fabric over your neck

Bunch up the fabric in the front from the bottom and lift it over your head to the back of your neck.

Lifting fabric

3. Tuck

Tuck the shirt in at the back.

Tucking shirt

Here’s this final style:

Shirt hack

Flip your sweater upside down and tuck in the back

You probably have a sweater or button-down like this in your closet, so grab one and see if you like these upside-down hacks.

Next, turn a Goodwill blazer into this everyday staple.

Suggested materials:
  • Sweatshirt (no hood)
  • Bonus: button-down shirt

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