Turn a Goodwill Blazer Into This Everyday Staple

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
3 Materials
10 Minutes

I’m not such a fan of blazers, but I can totally get behind a sleeveless vest.

Here, I’m going to show you how to transform a blazer into an everyday vest in a few simple steps. Let’s jump right in!

Tools and materials:

  • Blazer
  • Scissors
  • Fray Check

1. Get a blazer

First, go to a thrift store and grab yourself a funky blazer.

Removing sleeves

2. Remove sleeves

Now, cut off the sleeves. Be sure to cut precisely on the seam line.

Applying Fray Check

3. Apply Fray Check

Apply some Fray Check all around the armholes so that the fabric doesn’t fray.

DIY sleeveless vest

Turn a Goodwill blazer into this everyday staple

Now, you have a super cute vest for fall that has endless styling possibilities.

All we had to do was remove the sleeves, and we have a brand new piece - what could be simpler?

Next time you think of buying a sleeveless vest, why not give this method a go and have a go at making one instead.

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Suggested materials:
  • Blazer
  • Scissors
  • Fray Check

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  • Dorian Cushing Dorian Cushing on Dec 21, 2023

    Hardy inspired no video hard to know what you are talking about

    • Lalee Lalee on Dec 21, 2023

      Nothing could be easier then what she did with a long sleeved top..she cut the sleeves off that’s it..took a little fabric glue to tidy up ends along the cut and that was that..

      .If your an adult you why would you need a video to figure it out?

  • Lalee Lalee on Dec 21, 2023

    I like the idea..could be used on every long sleeved button up top..

    Tho not crazy for snake skin pattern on anything..yuk..😊✌🏼